Chapter 308: The Siblings Reunion (19)

    Chapter 308: The Siblings' Reunion (19)

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    An old acquaintance?

    Master Hong widened his eyes, Master Xia was actually claiming to be an old acquaintance of a silly little girl? It's an excuse! That's right, he must be using this as an excuse to protect the Xia Family's reputation.

    I don't believe that girl would have the capability to become Master Xia's old acquaintance, thought Master Hong.

    "Master Xia, I don't care. I understand why you would shield the Little Master. After all, he's your grandson. But you must give that woman to me. Otherwise, I refuse to leave."

    Master Xia was rendered speechless by the sight of the shameless look on Master Hong's face. But he was in high spirits and his originally casual gaze slowly grew cold. He now exuded a chilly aura.

    "Master Hong, do you think that my home is your territory? That you can come and go as you please? Very well then, you refuse to leave? Guards, throw him out!"

    "Yes, Master."

    The guards behind Master Xia quickly stepped forward, picked up Master Xia with both hands, and threw him out the front door.

    The streets were filled with people at this time of the day so when they witnessed the guards throwing Master Hong out of the Xia Family home, they pointed and sneered at him. Master Hong was so embarrassed that he wanted to bury himself into a hole in the ground.

    Then, under the glare of the eyes of the public, he fiercely scrambled to stand up, shielded his face with his sleeve and quickly left the scene.


    After throwing Master Hong out the door, Master Xia turned his attention to his grandson and asked, "Tell me what really happened? Why did you punch Feifei without any rhythm or reason?"

    Master Xia understood his grandson's temperament, he would never raise his hand against anyone unless something intolerable had happened to him.

    Xia Linyu pouted and replied, "Hong Feifei saw elder sister Gu and I together and ordered her servant girl to make trouble for her. Then, she humiliated her by calling her a poor commoner and accused elder sister Gu for shameless chasing me with the intention of becoming my concubine."


    Master Xia erupted with rage then glared fiercely at Xia Linyu, "You explain this to me, why is your temperament so pleasant? Have you forgotten your surname? You should've beaten her until you've turned her into a cripple forever! And you've let her off so easily? Why haven't you learned any cruelty from me?"

    If Master Hong had heard any of this, he would have vomited blood in anger.

    Xia Linyu had already punched her to the point of near amnesia, simply because she had said a few words. Yet this old man was displaying a 'fine' example, even telling Xia Linyu that his temperament was far too pleasant?

    So if he had a bad temper instead, what would the consequences have been?

    "Let's go, Yu'er. You're coming with me to welcome the Ghost Doctor. As long as she's here, there is hope for your father."

    "Yes, grandfather."

    Xia Linyu grew excited. He had been tirelessly rushing about these past few months all for the sake of finding a cure for his father's illness. With the Ghost Doctor here, the dying flame of hope in their hearts will soon reignite.


    Outside the city gates.

    The city guards stoically blocked Wei Yiyi from entering when suddenly, they noticed Master Xia who was briskly walking towards their direction. The guards were dumbfounded.

    Could it be that this lady is truly the Master's guest? They wondered. Otherwise, why would the Master have rushed over after receiving the report?

    In that instant, both men began to quickly reflect on whether they've treated the woman with appropriate courtesy. For if they've offended a guest of their Master, they would be chased out of the Xia Family.

    "Master Xia, you've certainly taken your time." Wei Yiyi teased, crossing her arms with a smile on her face.

    The city guards thought that her words would enrage the Master but they were wrong! He approached Wei Yiyi with a huge smile on his face, "The Lady Ghost Doctor herself has arrived, so I've come here to personally welcome you. Please, follow me. I'd like to invite you to treat my son's illness."
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