Chapter 309: The Siblings Reunion (20)

    Chapter 309: The Siblings' Reunion (20)

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    "Sure," Wei Yiyi nodded, "Lead the way."

    She then followed Master Xia into the city, leaving the two guards gaping at the sight.

    Lady Ghost Doctor?

    Were we hearing things? They wondered. This bewitching, devilish-looking lady is the famous Ghost Doctor? Heavens, I've missed a great opportunity to befriend the Ghost Doctor...

    Both men were immediately filled with regret at the thought of this. Why did we not take the opportunity to be friendly with her and leave a good impression? We could've reached out to the Ghost Doctor for help if we were ever hit with an incurable disease...

    "What did you say?"


    In a bedroom, Xia Qi slammed the book in his hand onto the ground. His face twisted sinisterly, his usual gentle facade had disappeared.

    "The Ghost Doctor has arrived! She's too early! No, I cannot allow for Xia Zixi to be cured, or my hard work would be all for nothing! The Xia Family belongs to only me and no one can take that away!"

    He's still waiting for updates on Elder Zhao's mission. As long as they receive the support of the Weapon Refining Sect, the Xia Family will be in the palm of his hand.

    "There's more, Second Master. Master Hong paid us a visit today. It would seem that Xia Linyu had raised his hand against Hong Feifei but the Master had him thrown out instead." said the spy, lowering his head.


    Xia Qi's fist slammed onto the table and he replied angrily, "That old man looks down on my abilities, this I've known for a long time. But for goodness sake, Master Hong is my father-in-law, the father of my own wife. In doing this, he has completely humiliated me!"

    My own father-in-law pays my father a visit and he threw him out! This was embarrassing! That old man has only ever thought of Xia Zixi's well-being, he never even cared about me! Even though Xia Linyu had attacked Hong Feifei, he still chose to shield Xia Linyu.

    "You old bastard! In the beginning, I had no intentions of harming you. I only wanted to obtain the seat of the Master of the Xia Family. Now you've forced my hand. If it weren't for your prejudice, I would not be feeling so unsatisfied! So when the time comes and you end up dead, don't hold it against me. It was you. You were the cause behind all of this!"

    Xia Qi declared sinisterly, clenching his hands into balls of fists.

    Ever since I was a boy, my father had never looked at me in the eyes and I could never understand why! He thought angrily. Was it because I am nothing like Xia Zixi?

    No! If that was the reason, he would not be always looking at me with contempt, as if he were staring into the eyes of a stranger.

    Even the good-for-nothing Xia Linyu received extra concern so why does he treat me this way?

    "Take my token and stand guard outside the city gates. If Elder Zhao and Lady Shiyun return, bring them to me! I had initially intended on taking my position by force and did not even consider allying myself with an outsider to harm the Xia Family. Sadly, I was patient and accommodating, and ended up unsatisfied with small gains! I have no choice but to do this for my own benefit."

    Xia Qi closed his eyes, and when he opened them, an eerie light flashed across, holding a thick sense of murderous intent.
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