Chapter 312: A Sensation At Heaven City (3)

    Chapter 312: A Sensation At Heaven City (3)

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    Actually, even Wei Yiyi was unsure whether Gu Ruoyun could save him. But upon seeing the calm expression on the young woman's face she knew that her Master was confident.

    Otherwise, she wouldn't have remained so calm after hearing about the parasite dragon.

    "Yiyi, get a porcelain bottle. This parasite dragon is very valuable and it's unlike any other medicinal herb, I can't let it slip away."

    Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin and smiled gleefully at Xia Zixi. Her gaze made his hairs stand on end, she looked like a bandit who was plotting to rob him.

    "Yes, Master."

    Wei Yiyi flashed a fox-like smile and corners of her eyebrows were filled with fascination. She knew it, her Master was very interested in that parasite dragon.

    She subconsciously observed a moment of silence for the parasite dragon.

    "Gu girl, you have an idea?" Master Xia turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked suspiciously.

    It's not that he did not believe in her, the reality was that everyone knew that the Ghost Doctor had become Gu Ruoyun's disciple because of her skill in pill refinement. And while Gu Ruoyun was a skilled cultivator, that did not mean that she was accomplished in medicine.

    So the old man found it hard to believe that if even the Ghost Doctor was helpless in curing this poison, she would have a way.

    "Let me try." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as her gaze held a smile. Don't forget, she still had her trump card, Zixie, in the palm of her hand.

    "Then... Very well."

    The old man sighed, what else can we do in a situation like this? Let her try.


    "What did you say? Say that again?"

    In a large, luxurious and flamboyant room, Xia Qi rose from his seat. His handsome face was filled with surprise and undisguised excitement.

    "The Ghost Doctor has failed? Even she cannot cure that bastard, Xia Zixi? Hahaha, this is too good! If even the Ghost Doctor cannot cure this illness, no one else can! Hahaha, the gods have eyes. I didn't expect this. Lord Poison Master is truly capable. I'd like to see who would be able to save Xia Zixi now."

    "Second Master, this is indeed what the spy has reported," the man bowed, "But I've heard that Gu Ruoyun has now stepped forward to personally save him."

    "Hehe." Xia Qi sneered, and raised the corner of his lips in mockery, "Gu Ruoyun? She's merely a good-for-nothing who found a few pills by a stroke of luck. Did you think that the Ghost Doctor would have followed her so willingly if it weren't for those pills? I have to admit, her talents are pretty substantial when compared with the peers of her generation. Unfortunately... It's impossible to have the extremely arrogant Ghost Doctor truly submit to her! Furthermore, what abilities would she have to cure a disease that even the Ghost Doctor herself cannot?"

    He will not believe it. At Gu Ruoyun's age, it would be impossible that her medical skills were greater than the Ghost Doctor's.

    After all, medicine and cultivation are two very different subjects. Medical skills do not involve talent, it is learned through age and experience! The longer you practice it, the better you will become. This Gu Ruoyun is only a silly little girl. Other than her extremely good luck, she's completely useless. She cannot possibly cure Xia Zixi's illness.

    "Xia Zixi, are you not able to withstand cruelty? I, Xia Qi, have tolerated you for so many years and now I can finally ascend. From now on, Heaven City will be all mine. Let those who comply with me thrive and those who resist me perish!"

    If it were not for the risk of raising Master Xia's suspicions, Xia Qi felt a great urge to throw his head back in laughter at this very moment to let out the dissatisfaction that he had silently endured over the years!
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