Chapter 314: A Sensation At Heaven City (5)

    Chapter 314: A Sensation At Heaven City (5)

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    Master Xia was trembling with anger. He was rendered speechless and could only point his finger at Xia Qi.

    "Father, I merely want to take on the burdens of the Xia Family," Xia Qi smiled gently and stared coldly back at Master Xia.

    It was as if the man before him was not his father.

    "Xia Qi, even if Zixi was unable to go, Yu'er is still around. It will not be your turn yet!" Master Xia replied furiously as his face darkened, he angrily flung his sleeves.


    Master Hong laughed coldly and spoke with disdain, "Master Xia, one of your sons is at death's door. But you have another. Your grandson can only inherit the Xia Family when all your sons are spent. Don't tell me that you want your son to swear his allegiance to your grandson? That makes no sense at all."

    Master Xia's elderly face turned from green to white then white to green. His clenched fists were enveloped in a fiery rage as his fury kept growing.

    Since the ancient times, dragons have always had a berserk button. And his berserk button is Xia Zixi!

    And now, Master Hong has made the move to curse him. This has brought an uncontrollable rage upon Master Xia, who has always shielded Xia Zixi.

    "Master Hong, you will pay for what you've said!"


    A burst of fiery rage erupted, Master Xia's gaze has never been so cold and imposing, his eyes were filled with uncontrollable fury.

    "Master Xia, there are many citizens of Heaven City here. Could it be that you, as a dignified Martial Emperor, wishes to unleash your rage upon little old me in front of the eyes of the public? If you do that, then you can bury your reputation. No one will ever respect you again."

    Master Hong sneered, he had already confirmed that Master Xia could not possibly kill him. Besides, the man is old and will not live for very much longer. Xia Zixi is also dying. Hence, the Xia Family will soon belong to Xia Qi.

    Which was why he was seizing the opportunity to pander to Xia Qi.

    But he failed to notice that after his speech, a few others had grabbed their chairs and were distancing themselves from him. The further they were from him, the better. However, a few chose to follow his bad example and had the very same idea. Those were the ones who remained seated, all intending to suck up to Xia Qi.

    "Hehe!" Master Xia laughed in spite of his rage as the aura on his body grew stronger and stronger, sending out a wave of pressure that made everyone in the room gasp for breath.

    This was the might of a Martial Emperor!

    "Master Hong, do not place such worldly matters into Heaven City. In this mainland, only the strong are respected. I may not be the most powerful man but I am at least more powerful than you. My Xia Family is far more powerful than your Hong Family! Most important of all, I am the true governor of Heaven City! Everything I say, goes! You're not happy with the way things are? Very well then, I shall explain to help get the message across to you! There is only one principle and that is the one with the bigger fist is the one who makes the decisions!"

    Heaven City is not a country and Master Xia is not its emperor. In Heaven City, where only the most powerful would be the most respected, it has always been that way.

    Master Hong's expression changed. He did not expect Master Xia to act so irrationally. His heart was now filled with a dark hatred. He will never forget the humiliation he had suffered on the day he was thrown out of the Xia Family.

    Seeing that the situation in the room was spinning out of control, a voice sounded from outside the door, freezing Master Xia's body in place. A sense of calm washed over his rage-filled eyes as his gaze now lit up with excitement.

    "Father, what's going on?"
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