Chapter 316: Picking Up A Little Monster (2)

    Chapter 316: Picking Up A Little Monster (2)

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    After the previous incident, the official guards did not dare to delay. They quickly issued a report to the Xia Family and soon sent a representative to lead the group into Heaven City.

    Meanwhile, at the courtyard of the Xia Family home, Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrows slightly upon hearing the new and chuckled, "Moyu and Bai Chuan are here? Just in time. I'm also very interested in the birth of this Divine Beast in Heaven Mountain."

    Heaven Mountain has always been a dangerous area but it contained many treasures. If the Devil Sect could join in as well then they would be able to retrieve many rewards.


    Just as she was deep in thought, she heard a tender yet charming voice. Gu Ruoyun raised her head to find Moyu briskly leading a group people towards her.

    Once she was in front of Gu Ruoyun, she held her saber with both hands and knelt down on one knee, "Your subordinate Moyu, greets her Master."

    "Moyu, there you are."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, then turned with astonishment to Bai Chuan, who was next to Moyu, "Bai Chuan, you're now a mid-level Martial Warrior?"

    How long has it been? He had gone from a useless good-for-nothing to a mid-level Martial Warrior. Such skill would certainly surprise anyone on the mainland.

    Bai Chuan blushed, "I... I know that I am not growing fast enough, but I will work hard. I won't let you down."

    Obviously, Bai Chuan had assumed that Gu Ruoyun was not satisfied with the growth of his powers.

    And it's no wonder. She had many powerful cultivators by her side, and he was only a Martial Warrior! In order to be worthy of her kindness in rescuing him a while back, he resolved to work hard in his cultivation.

    "Bai Chuan, you're already very powerful. You have risen through the obstacles of the eight Qi Collection levels and reached the ranks of a Martial Warrior. From a person who has had no training, you've done it in such a short time, it's very impressive," Gu Ruoyun laughed. She definitely chose the right person as Bai Chuan was certainly very talented.

    It was only a matter of time before his name would shake the entire mainland.

    Bai Chuan's face grew even redder. He shyly lowered his head and fidgeted with the corners of his robe.

    "Moyu, since you've arrived, don't leave just yet. Come with me on a mission," Gu Ruoyun raised her head to look at Moyu with a calm smile on her pretty face.

    Moyu clutched her sword and replied respectfully, "Your wish is my command."

    The day passed quickly.

    The powerful families had finished their preparations and were heading for the Xia Family home. Prior to this, Gu Ruoyun had discussed with Master Xia to join the trial under the name of the Hundred Herb Hall. Because she was responsible for saving Xia Zixi's life, Master Xia (in gratitude) agreed to her request.

    Furthermore, with her around, Yu'er safety would be ensured.

    Meanwhile, outside the Xia Family home, people were whispering amongst themselves and stared curiously at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Wasn't this young lady the one who hung around Little Master Xia? Could it be that she actually saved Xia Zixi's life?"

    "What powerful family did this young woman come from? It would seem that she means to join the trials this time, too!"

    "Hehe, surely you're joking? Have you seen her group? A fragile-looking woman and a ten-year-old boy? Including the rest of her weak-looking troops? No matter how you see it, they won't even be able to make it to Heaven Mountain. Just because she's skilled in medicine doesn't mean that she can go anywhere she wants. By the time she reaches Heaven Mountain, she'd probably be food for some random spiritual animal."

    Two women, a child, and a few guards...

    And they want to go to Heaven Mountain with powers like this? What else could this be, besides a joke? They have no ability to protect anyone.
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