Chapter 317: Picking Up A Little Monster (3)

    Chapter 317: Picking Up A Little Monster (3)

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    Suddenly, a sinister and vicious glare pierced through the crowd and landed on Gu Ruoyun, causing her to frown. she followed the line of sight to find a richly dressed girl with a heavily made-up face. The corners of her eyes twitched.

    "It seems that the Hong Family also has a skilled physician. Otherwise, her looks would never have returned to normal after being punched so severely by Yu'er."

    Standing in the midst of the crowd, Hong Feifei's eyes glared maliciously at Gu Ruoyun. Her gaze was filled with murderous intent.

    Yesterday, when she heard from her father that an eighteen to nineteen-year-old girl had miraculously cured Xia Zixi, Gu Ruoyun was the first person to appear in her mind.

    How could a lowly commoner like her have such strong medical prowess? She could not believe it, but it was impossible not to believe it!

    Otherwise, Master Xia would not show such obvious favoritism towards the girl!

    But no matter, great skill in medicine does not equal to strong powers. Once they all reach Heaven Mountain, I would have ten thousand ways to have Gu Ruoyun mysteriously killed off! Thought Hong Feifei. No! Not only that, I want her to suffer endless humiliation, to avenge myself for what she did to me!

    Moyu also sensed Hong Feifei's glare and her eyes grew cold. Her frosty gaze landed on the girl's sinister face with her lips curved into a curious angle, cold and eerie, filled with murderous intent.

    "Brother Yu."

    Suddenly, a sweet voice was heard, and a pink figure rushed towards Xia Linyu who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun. But just as she was about to reach him, she paused abruptly and scooped a bewildered Bai Chuan into her arms, planting a big fat kiss onto his fair cheeks.

    "Brother Yu, this little boy is adorable! I like him!"


    Bai Chuan was in a daze. His face turned as red as a tomato, so red that the blush reached the back of his head. His clear and limpid eyes stared in astonishment at the doll-like girl as he stammered, "You... You've molested me, there should be no direct contact between men and women, but you... You've actually molested me."

    I've been molested! The very thought filled Bai Chuan's mind.

    "What do you mean 'no direct contact'?" Luo Li's mouth twitched, "You're only a ten-year-old kid. Don't act like you're an adult."

    "But... But, you don't seem to be very much older than I am, do you not know the difference between males and females?"

    Bai Chuan suddenly regained his senses and glared angrily at Luo Li.

    How could this woman be so shameless? He thought. I've never met such a spontaneous woman, and... And she even kissed me...

    "Yu'er, it would seem that your childhood friend has fallen for someone else." Gu Ruoyun teased, shrugging her shoulders.

    Honestly, despite only knowing Bai Chuan for few days, this is the first time she'd seen the boy arguing so childishly.

    "Big sister, quit teasing me," came Xia Linyu's retort, looking very awkward, "I've always treated Luo Li like a little sister, I have no other intentions."

    He did not lower his voice on purpose, so his words fell clearly onto Luo Li's ears.

    Her eyes turned pitch black for a short flicker of a moment and she felt as if a needle was violently piercing through her heart. After all these years, she has long been aware that she did not exist in Brother Yu's heart. But she did not want to give up because giving up on her feelings would bring her a world of hurt, so painful that she would never be free of it...

    Luo Li took a deep breath and suppressed the hurt she felt. She turned towards Xia Linyu, flashing him a sweet smile.
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