Chapter 318: Picking Up A Little Monster (4)

    Chapter 318: Picking Up A Little Monster (4)

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    "Brother Yu, this time, I'll be following my uncle to Heaven Mountain. So you can't leave me behind. Wherever you go, I'm going too."

    Her bright red, apple-like face was full of stubbornness. Be it to the ends of the earth or the highest mountain, wherever he goes, she will follow.


    Xia Zixi let out a dry cough, silencing the noisy chatter of the crowd. He smiled as he said, "It's getting late. We should begin our journey. Let's go."

    "Hold it!"

    Right after he finished his speech, a cold voice rang out, "Young Master Xia, this seems to be a matter concerning Heaven City and this lady does not seem to be a citizen of Heaven City. Furthermore, she's bringing a ten-year-old child, isn't this too much of an inconvenience?"

    Xia Zixi's face darkened and he sent a glared coldly towards the man who had spoken, "Elder Hong Yun, how is Lady Gu not a citizen of Heaven City? My son has acknowledged her as his adopted elder sister, so she is certainly connected with Heaven City. Allowing her to be part of this matter would not be overstepping the boundaries. Besides, her safety is the responsibility of the Xia Family. It would be no trouble for everyone else."

    "Haha!" A loud laugh was heard, "Elder Hong Yun, you're thinking too much. This lady will be protected by the Xia Family and me, Ba Zhentian. You needn't butt in."

    Then, Ba Zhentian turned to Gu Ruoyun and flashed her a friendly smile.

    So, the mysterious physician of the Xia Family was her! He thought. That's right, aside from the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall and the Master of the Ghost Doctor, who else would have such capabilities?

    "Ba Zhentian, why are you stepping in?" Hong Yun's face has turned into a terrifying color. He did not expect that Ba Zhentian would personally make an appearance and to stand on Xia Zixi's side without hesitation.

    While the girl's medical skills are good, was it worth it for them to protect her so fiercely?

    "Hehe, Hong Yun, our Luo Family is a subordinate of the Xia Family. Our family will not oppose the Xia Family's decisions."

    The person who spoke was Luo Li's second uncle, Luo Yang. His words caused Hong Yun's expression to change again. But this time, he kept his mouth shut and said nothing more. Only his nostrils let out a cold scoff as he glared at Gu Ruoyun's troops scornfully.

    Just wait until they all reach Heaven Mountain, he thought. Then they'll all know what a big mistake they've made in allowing her to join us!

    When that happens, they won't even be able to protect themselves in time. Where would they find the extra resources to protect her?

    Xia Zixi's gaze swept across every face in the crowd and calmly spoke, "Seeing as no one else has any further objections, let's go."

    This Hong Family has certainly gone above their authority. Once we get back, I must discuss this with Father, he thought.

    Otherwise, they would not know who truly governs Heaven City!


    If anyone were in Heaven Mountain now, they would certainly be witnessing a particularly strange event.

    Many spiritual beasts were crawling on the ground, cringing and cowering in fear. They gazed timidly upon a man on top of a tree.

    It was a devastatingly beautiful man with raven hair and red robes and an indistinct demonic aura. If Qianbei Ye was the devil and Zuo Shangchen like a demon, then this man was like a ghost from the underworld. His pale white face did not look human at all. Instead, the most terrifying thing was that this man had one red and one green eye. It was an indescribable strange feeling to see someone with two different eye colors.

    Except the man was clutching his chest and blood was slowly trickling down. He curled his red lips, and a cold smile appeared on his handsome face.

    "Now that I have made my escape, that person should not be able to catch up to me. I never imagined that in this lifetime, someone would actually be able to force me into this stage and has caused my powers to greatly regress! I must find a safe place to heal and avenge myself later!"

    How many years has it been?

    It's been years since he's caught in such a tight situation.

    Ever since that man had successfully subdued him and the animal kingdom many years ago, no one else has managed to force him into such a state. Very well then, he shall remember this debt!
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