Chapter 320: Picking Up A Little Monster (6)

    Chapter 320: Picking Up A Little Monster (6)

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    Meanwhile, Moyu was completely unaware of their intentions. She held Bai Chuan tightly and dragged him along with her as she charged towards a pack of spiritual beasts. In a matter of moments, they became a pile of dead bodies in front of her.

    Xia Zixi seized an opportunity in the midst of the chaotic situation to turn and check on Xia Linyu. Seeing that he was safe with Gu Ruoyun, he relaxed and went back into battle again.

    However, at this time, no one noticed that most of the spiritual beasts were only attacking the others. Even the ones which were closest to Gu Ruoyun did not move any closer to her. It was as if she was wearing a cloak of invisibility and the spiritual beasts did not seem to realize her presence.

    "Moyu has greatly improved over the past few months. She's now able to protect Bai Chuan despite the attacks from so many spiritual beasts."

    Gu Ruoyun observed Moyu on the battlefield and nodded her head in satisfaction.

    She had asked Moyu to protect Bai Chuan in order to give her an extra challenge in the battle. Luckily, she did not disappoint...

    After a long period of time, the attacks from the spiritual animals gradually decreased. Some have collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion, but many others persevered and continued fighting.

    Aside from Bai Chuan, who was under Moyu's protection, all of the other members of the Devil Sect were battered and wounded. Just when the last spiritual beast has fallen, Hong Yun finally realized something and yelled angrily, "Why didn't any of the spiritual beasts attack you? Did you conspire with these spiritual beasts so that we would all be slaughtered by them, leaving you to obtain the Divine Beast for yourself?"

    Instantly, everyone else seemed to have realized this and turned their attention towards Gu Ruoyun.

    However, under the crowd's scrutiny, Gu Ruoyun spat out, "Idiot."

    Idiot? He thought.

    After committing such an unforgivable crime, she dares to call me an idiot?

    Hong Yun's face was filled with rage and he spoke sternly, "Young Master Xia, we've all seen it with our own eyes. Why did the spiritual beasts only attack us, yet none of them had attacked her? I don't believe that such a thing would happen if she had not conspired with them! I'd like to see how you plan on shielding her now! If you don't provide us with a fair decision, how can you continue to lead us on the rest of the journey?"

    Actually, these people were far too preoccupied with fighting off the spiritual beasts and did not even have the time to glance at Gu Ruoyun. They certainly did not know what had happened.

    Upon hearing Hong Yun's accusation, everyone began to realize that their bodies were all riddled with wounds while only Gu Ruoyun and Xia Linyu remained clean and untouched. They certainly did not look like they'd just gone through a battle.

    "Elder Hong, you've overestimated my abilities," Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "To command so many spiritual beasts to attack all of you; I've yet to gain that sort of ability. Besides, this happened in Heaven Mountain. Did you really think that I would be powerful enough to enter Heaven Mountain alone? Furthermore..."

    She paused, then continued, "It's true that I did not fight but that's because my guard has protected me well. Surely you've witnessed my guard's capabilities. What spiritual beast would attack me with her around?"

    She would not tell these people that the real reason why the spiritual beasts were afraid of approaching her was because she would unintentionally emit the aura from the Phoenix Cauldron. Spiritual Beasts have always been sensitive to danger, so naturally, none dared to come near her.

    "It's true, I can prove it."

    Xia Zixi glanced at Hong Yun, and said calmly, "Indeed, this lady was constantly protecting her. That's why she did not receive any wounds. Elder Hong Yun, if you plan on making false charges against someone, please use a bit of your brain. Heaven Mountain is extremely dangerous. We've already been attacked by so many spiritual beasts upon entry. Would she have the ability to come here alone? Even if she did, how would she be able to conspire with the spiritual beasts to betray us and set you up? And how would she know for sure that you would be at this particular place on Heaven Mountain? Are you paranoid of being harmed?"
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