Chapter 321: Picking Up A Little Monster (7)

    Chapter 321: Picking Up A Little Monster (7)

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    Elder Hong Yun was so furious that his expression turned ashen. Suddenly, he laughed in spite of his anger and his eyes were full of mockery.

    "Haha, Young Master, you're certainly the Young Master of Heaven City. So anything you say, goes. Even when you deliberately distort the truth! However, you will regret this! This woman has approached the Xia Family with ill intentions from the very beginning! Only you have been deceived by her appearance."

    He angrily punched an old tree next to him with eerily cold eyes full of mockery. From what he could tell, this woman was clearly conspiring against them. When she finally reveals her schemes, the Young Master will then realize who was truly loyal to Heaven City.

    The leaves on the old tree rustled, thanks to Hong Yun's hit. At that moment, an unknown object fell from the tree and landed in front of him.

    Everyone turned curiously towards it. Their gaze landed on the fiery-red spiritual beast which seemed to be heavily wounded.

    The spiritual beast had brightly colored fur, like a blazing flame. Its body was about as big as the size of a palm and sparkled brilliantly, like a red gemstone. Of course, in contrast with a hard gemstone, this little animal looked soft and fluffy. Anyone would be tempted to ravage it.

    "Isn't this a Fire Cloud Beast? Why would such a low-level spiritual beast be in Heaven Mountain?"

    Everyone knew that Fire Cloud Beasts were the lowest in the ranks of spiritual beasts. Even if it were to grow into its peak, it will never reach the rank of a Martial Warrior. Its maximum ability would be to obtain level 8 in the Qi Collection ranks. How could this low-level spiritual beast possibly survive in Heaven Mountain?


    Hong Yun curled his lips scornfully as he raised his leg and kicked the little red beast. He jeered with disdain, "You trash, you're not fit to stand in my way!"

    The fiery-red little beast wrinkled its eyebrows but the heavy wound sapped all of its energy and it did not even have the strength to open its eyes.

    "You're too much!"

    Bai Chuan watched Hong Yun mistreat the small animal and his little face turned cold. He glared fiercely at him before turning towards Gu Ruoyun and pleading, "Elder sister, please save the poor little creature."

    Gu Ruoyun did not seem to hear Bai Chuan's pleas, her clear, calm eyes were focused on the little beast lying on the ground.

    Unless she was mistaken, the spiritual beast had let out a muffled groan when Hong Yun kicked it.

    A low-level Fire Cloud Beast would have an incomplete IQ. How could it possibly make such a sound?

    "Very well."

    Gu Ruoyun crouched and produced a porcelain bottle from her lapel. She carefully poured out one pill and inserted it into the spiritual beast's mouth.

    "That... That's a pill?"

    The entire group widened their eyes and stared at Gu Ruoyun's porcelain bottle in astonishment.

    That's right, they thought. This porcelain bottle contains pills that can only be purchased from the Hundred Herb Hall.

    What relationship does this woman have with the Hundred Herb Hall?

    Hong Yun's face turned ashen and his expression twisted sinisterly. He scoffed coldly, brushed his sleeves and straightened up, refusing to even look at Gu Ruoyun.

    Then, before their very eyes, the little beasts' bleeding chest gradually healed. Its breathing slowly stabilized and it gently opened its eyes.

    The moment it opened its eyes, Gu Ruoyun's heart quivered.

    How should one describe its eyes? One was as red as a blazing flame, and the other a curious shade of green. There was no humanity in its eyes, no feelings, all they had was a blood-thirsty yet cold indifference as if everyone on earth were like ants that it could easily kill. Just like how some humans would treat low-leveled spiritual animals.
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