Chapter 322: Picking Up A Little Monster (8)

    Chapter 322: Picking Up A Little Monster (8)

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    But the little beast did not move and allowed Gu Ruoyun to scoop it into her arms. Its cold eyes began to size up the young girl before it.

    "Absolutely wasteful."

    Hong Yun finally glared at Gu Ruoyun and sneered, "Using a pill to save a useless spiritual beast. Only a person like you would do such a thing. So many humans living in this world... You could have saved any of them. Yet you chose to save a spiritual beast. What for? Phoney mercy? Trash will always be trash!"

    "You shut your mouth!" Moyu's expression turned cold, "The pills belong to our Master, she chooses whom she wishes to save. Does she need a person like you to make that decision?"


    Gu Ruoyun's cold voice cut Moyu off as she faintly curled the corners of her lips, "I reckon that many of our troops would have suffered serious injuries from the previous battle. In order to continue our journey, distribute these pills to the wounded. I hope that you will heal soon. As for the Hong Family..."

    She smiled, "Surely they must be very powerful and should be able to solve their own problems. We don't need to bother about them."

    "Yes, Master."

    Moyu glanced at Hong Yun and smiled curtly.

    When everyone else heard Gu Ruoyun's words, their eyes lit up and stared eagerly at the young girl's delicate, pretty face.

    "Miss, how did you come to possess pills from the Hundred Herb Hall? You... Are you the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, Gu Ruoyun?"

    Someone finally asked the question which had been forming in everyone's mind.

    After all, no one else in the world should be able to distribute so many pills without any hesitation unless they were the mysterious Master of the Hundred Herb Hall herself. Other than that, who else would be able to do this?

    In the face of the crowd's questioning, Gu Ruoyun gently nodded, "That's right. I'm Gu Ruoyun."


    What she said was like a sudden thunderclap ringing through their ears. Other than the few families who were already aware of this information, the rest of them were dumbfounded.

    They never expected to meet the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall here!

    If they could establish a good relationship with her, it would easier for them to purchase pills from the Hundred Herb Hall in the future. One should know that a slot for purchasing pills on the Hundred Herb Hall's name list was now being sold at a sky-high price. Furthermore, some slots could not even be bought with money.

    In an instant, everyone began to crowd around Gu Ruoyun. As for the black-faced Hong Yun, he was flung to the back of their minds!

    "She's actually Gu Ruoyun of the Hundred Herb Hall!"

    Hong Feifei gritted her teeth and spat fiercely, "Elder Hong Yun, I don't understand. That Hundred Herb Hall is only a shop and the most powerful cultivator is only a Martial King. They only have two while the Hong Family has far more Martial Kings. Why are these people trying to curry favor with her?"

    Even the Xia and the Luo families stood on her side and broke every rule to protect her.

    Hong Yun took a deep breath, his expression was still rather ugly.

    "Feifei, promise me, don't be rash. I assumed that this little girl was from unknown origins and did not know that she would be from the Hundred Herb Hall. Do you know what position they hold on the mainland? The Ghost Doctor, the Dongfang Family, and many other families have deep connections with the Hundred Herb Hall. Now that we know who she is, we cannot carry out the original plan. Fortunately, it doesn't seem like this girl has much power. We can only kill her in secret. We cannot let anyone know of our plans!"

    The Hong Family alone could not afford to provoke those powerful organizations and cultivators.

    "I understand, Elder Hong Yun. Except, this time, during the Heaven Mountain expedition, I want that woman dead!" Hong Feifei declared hatefully, "It will not end well for anyone who has tried to snatch my man! I'm not as stupid as Luo Li to actually allow that woman to stand beside Xia Linyu. I, on the other hand, will not allow anyone to even be one iota near him. Any woman who dared to approach him must die!!!"
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