Chapter 323: Picking Up A Little Monster (9)

    Chapter 323: Picking Up A Little Monster (9)

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    Seeing the anger and hatred on Hong Feifei's face, Elder Hong Yun nodded with satisfaction.

    That's the lady of the Hong Family - never allowing herself to be bullied by anybody and killing anyone who dares to do so! That's the only way to survive on this mainland where only the strong are respected!

    In contrast, a feeble and virtuous woman like Luo Li would die a miserable death sooner or later! Someone like her cannot possibly meet a good end!

    "Everyone, it's getting late so let's set up camp here for the time being."

    Xia Zixi glanced at Hong Yun, then retracted his gaze and gave his instructions, "The Luo Family will take the first watch of the night. Everyone else can go ahead and get some rest."

    After consuming Gu Ruoyun's pills, the wounds on most of the group members were almost fully healed so they began to set up camp. However, every family kept a distance from the Hong Family. It was as if the Hong Family members were extremely threatening beasts.

    Night has fallen.

    The moonlight was as clear as water.

    The young girl's body was bathed in the tranquil moonlight. At that very moment, the little beast, which had been sleeping soundly next to her, opened its eyes. Its red and green eyes stared coldly at the young girl on the bed.

    Then, under the moonlight, its silhouette started to slowly grow longer and a red flame enveloped its long, slender body.

    The man had a cold smile on the corner of his lips as he walked slowly towards Gu Ruoyun. He lowered his head and basked in the young girl's scent. His incomparably beautiful yet cold face was full of insufferable arrogance.

    His fingers, exquisitely long and slender, gently stroked the young girl's neck which was as white as snow and as smooth as jade. A dark light flashed in his red and green eyes.

    "Human girl, your blood smells so enticing. If I drink your blood, I'm sure that the wounds on my body will heal even faster. If it weren't for this very reason, I would never have stayed by your side." The man smiled sinisterly and his snake-like tongue gently licked his blood-red lips. He bent down and his sharp teeth bit fiercely into Gu Ruoyun's neck.

    A wonderful fragrance seeped into the man's teeth and his face displayed great enjoyment and satisfaction.


    Just then, a powerful force violently smashed into his mind and he watched as the young girl, who was initially in a deep sleep, suddenly opened her eyes.


    The man jumped up in fright and quickly stumbled back. Fresh blood hung from the corners of his lips, he looked absolutely tempting.

    "I've clearly placed your soul in shackles, how are you still able to awaken?"

    Gu Ruoyun remained calm, there was no apparent change in her expression. But there was an unreadable look in her dark, black eyes.

    "Who are you?"

    "Who am I?"

    The man chuckled. He had no choice but to explain himself. When the man smiled, it was a lovely sight to behold, equally matched with that incomparably beautiful evildoer, Zhuo Shangchen.

    But the main difference between him and Zhuo Shangchen was that the former's smile did not reach his eyes. His red and green eyes showed a sort of coldness and mercilessness towards humans. It was a kind of indifference that could destroy the world. Even Gu Ruoyun felt her heart shiver involuntarily.

    How could anyone in the world display such indifference to humans?

    As if there were only two types of people in his life.

    Him and his food.

    "You're the little red beast?"

    "It would seem that you recognize me?" The man's smile was extremely beautiful. He moved a few steps closer to Gu Ruoyun and his slender fingers gently caressed her delicate, pure and beautiful face. His smile was blood-thirsty and detached, "This face isn't too bad, especially the fresh blood flowing in your veins. I can't seem to free myself from you. I'll give you a choice, die, or become my delicacy!"
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