Chapter 326: Collecting The Goods (2)

    Chapter 326: Collecting The Goods (2)

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    Upon hearing this compromise, the crowd buzzed with surprise and excitement.

    The secret wing of the Xia Family home was a truly sacred cultivation area. It's not like they had a good chance to obtain the Divine Beast in Heaven Mountain anyways. In contrast, their chances of having the opportunity to cultivate in the secret wing of the Xia Family home were much higher if they leave.

    Who wouldn't be aware of this, after weighing the pros and cons?

    "Big sister."

    Xia Linyu stared profoundly at the young girl's calm expression. There were many things he wished to say, but could not bring himself to do so.

    Under the strong rays of sunlight, the young boy's naive face was filled with resolve. Only Gu Ruoyun's figure was reflected in his clear, limpid eyes.

    His eyes showed unwavering determination, it was unquestionable.

    "You are my home, no matter where you go. I'll wait for your return in Heaven City."

    Xia Linyu knew Gu Ruoyun's reasons for asking them to leave.

    Because she wanted to face the dangers alone.

    But he strongly believed that she would succeed in any task as long as she has set her mind to it.

    He will wait for her to come home. That is enough.


    Xia Zixi was not able to catch their conversation as Xia Linyu had spoken softly. So when he noticed the way they both looked at each other, a sense of uncertainty appeared in his eyes. But he made no attempt to ask any questions and turned to the young man before saying, "Let's go."


    Xia Linyu glanced at Gu Ruoyun, unable to bear the thought of having to leave her. But in the end, he turned and followed Xia Zixi with his youthful and fair face rife with anxiety.

    Big sister, you must come home, he thought. You must come back home alive!

    Staring at the backs of the crowd, Gu Ruoyun concealed her current state of mind and calmly said, "Moyu, Bai Chuan, let's move on. I believe that many treasures await us in Heaven Mountain."

    Deep within Heaven Mountain, dangers lurk in every corner. Even the most powerful families of Heaven City have not explored the mountain properly.

    Hence, no one really knew what secrets lay within...


    The rays from the morning sun shone through the leaves, it shone over the cracks and onto the travelers.

    A young girl dressed in green robes was leading the group, holding a fiery-red little beast in her arms. A jade pendant hung from her waist, swaying back and forth amidst the gentle wind.

    Next to the young girl was another woman who followed closely behind her. The woman held a longsword in one hand and her eyes were fully alert of her surroundings.

    Naturally, the most eye-catching person of the group was the little boy on the green robed girl's right. Everyone knew that Heaven Mountain is filled with danger. Only the strongest and most famous cultivators of the mainland would dare to make the journey. And yet, a little boy was in the group. Anyone would be surprised to see this.

    Behind the trio were a few guards following closely behind. However, the guards were not particularly powerful and the strongest of them all was only a high-level Martial General.

    While this may seem like a force to be reckoned with in the secular world, in Heaven Mountain this wasn't much to look at.

    "Mm?" The green robed girl paused in her steps as her gaze fixed upon a herb field. Her heart trembled and her clear eyes filled with excitement, "Trees filled with medicinal herbs in the middle of Heaven Mountain? And it seems to have every herb imaginable! There's ficus carica, the crescent moon herb, the millennium buerger lespedeza root..."

    Any of these herbs would fetch a sky-high price.


    Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to step forward, she heard a voice from behind the group. Then, Hong Yun, who was supposed to have left appeared before her eyes. His elderly face held an exaggerated smile.

    "Gu Ruoyun, it seems that I was right. You came to Heaven Mountain harboring other schemes. You've sent everyone off so that you could monopolize all the treasures for yourself. Now that I've found that out, do you really think you can live to fight another day?"
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