Chapter 327: Collecting The Goods (3)

    Chapter 327: Collecting The Goods (3)

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    Hong Yun's eyes lit up as he stared greedily at the medicinal herbs. Luckily, he had not listened to that b*stard Xia Zixi. Otherwise, this woman would have taken all these herbs for herself!

    Gu Ruoyun frowned and replied calmly, "I've told you, you shouldn't be here. If anything happens to you, it would be none of my business."

    "Haha!" Hong Yun laughed wildly, "Gu Ruoyun, don't think I can't guess what you're thinking. You've schemed with that Xia Zixi and sent us all off so that you can have all the good stuff for yourself! Hmph! Luckily, I am not as stupid as the others. Otherwise, I would have fallen into your schemes!"

    But what Hong Yun could not seem to understand was that as he had tailed Gu Ruoyun, despite the many fearsome spiritual beasts that live in Heaven Mountain, he'd never faced a single one of them.

    This girl would be so fortunate to such a degree.

    "Moyu, ignore him. Collect the medicinal herbs."

    Gu Ruoyun paused, then continued, "If he gets in the way, kill him."


    Hong Yun scoffed coldly, his eyes filled with disdain.

    "There's only a few of you, and you plan on catching me? I'd admit that you're pretty skilled. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to convince a Martial King into serving you. Unfortunately for you, I, Hong Yun, am no weakling! Today, I'm going to take these herbs. If you don't know what's good for you, then I'll give you a taste of the vast difference in power between you and the powers of Heaven City."


    Suddenly, wild winds began to rise and the elder's robes danced along with it. His white hair scattered in an arrogant manner.

    He stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun, disdain clear in his eyes. It looked as if he was confirming that this little girl would not dare to oppose him.

    It's true that the Hundred Herb Hall has great power, but that was limited to social communication from the Hundred Herb Hall. This girl may be the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, but that doesn't mean that she would be a powerful fighter. Here, she would be no match for him even though she has a Martial King whose powers were on the same level as his by her side.

    Gu Ruoyun sneezed, her eyes displayed a sense of impatience. Her voice was calm and slowly pierced through the quiet surroundings of the mountain.

    "Moyu, make sure that it's done within three minutes."

    "Master, three minutes is more than enough," Moyu smiled, and replied confidently, "Defeating him? One minute would be enough."

    Hong Yun stared in shock. Suddenly, he laughed, and tears began to trickle down his face.

    What a joke!

    Both he and that female guard were both low-level Martial Kings, yet she's saying that she could defeat him in one minute? He's never seen such arrogance, especially not one of this degree.

    "Little girl, humans should not be too arrogant. One day you'll regret it." Hong Yun gritted his teeth and glared hatefully, "Now, allow me to teach you the meaning of humility!"


    Then, without giving her a chance to speak, Hong Yun charged towards Moyu.

    His swordsmanship was quick and a dazzling sight to behold. From afar one would be able to vaguely make out a blue streak with a blurry figure, like a curved fang striking head-on. A powerful aura rose and a strong wind whipped the fallen leaves into a tornado that wrapped around the elder's body.


    The sword-like wind struck violently, opening a hole in the ground. But soon, Hong Yun's sinister smile froze and stared fixedly at the unscathed girl on the ground. He clenched his fist so tightly that it shook.

    In the ranks of Martial Kings, Hong Yun was very confident that he was the fastest in speed.
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