Chapter 328: Collecting The Goods (4)

    Chapter 328: Collecting The Goods (4)

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    But how was this woman able to dodge his attack?

    Hong Yun's gaze shifted at the thought and his eyes fixed on Moyu.

    "Little girl, it seems that your breakthrough to a Martial King was not a recent incident. You know your stuff. But what a shame for you to have met me. All of you will die here, today."

    The elder stood with his arms and sleeves raised, he wore an arrogant smile on his elderly face.

    Moyu chuckled and lightly curled her lips, completely disregarding the elder's arrogance, "I'll allow you three strikes, what do you say?"

    The elder's arrogant face changed but he soon recovered and sneered, "What do you mean three strikes? I only need one to defeat you."

    She's insane, he thought, so I'm going to be even more insane!

    He has never been afraid of anyone in the ranks of a low-level Martial King!

    "I initially did not want to use my treasure against anyone in the rank of a Martial King, but you leave me with no choice. So today I shall have to show off my precious hidden weapon."

    Moyu wrinkled her eyebrows and concentrated on the elder in front of her. A sense of astonishment appeared on her face when he drew an inky-black longsword, "A crippled spiritual weapon?"

    "What? Are you afraid now? I found it in an armory. The owner had no weaponry knowledge so he sold it to me - thinking that it was some useless piece of crap. Since then, I've always treasured it and hid it away from prying eyes. I would never show it off so easily. Those who've seen this crippled spiritual weapon are all dead."

    Hong Yun looked very pleased with himself and tenderly stroked the inky-black longsword in his hand. He looked at it as if it was his lover.

    Forget about the other citizens of Heaven City, even the Master of the Hong Family was not aware of the crippled spiritual weapon in his possession. One should know that while this weapon was only a scrapped spiritual weapon, it's far more powerful than most weapons. If Master Hong were to find out about this, would the crippled spirit weapon still belong to Hong Yun?

    However, at this moment, the drunken Hong Yun did not notice the strange expressions on every member of the Devil Sect.

    Does this man think that his weapon could be compared with those of the Devil Sect? They wondered. Does he not know that even an average disciple of the Devil Sect would carry a low-level spiritual weapon with them? Even the more powerful members, such as the protectors, would have a mid-level spiritual weapon each.

    Yet he's showing off this crippled spiritual weapon?

    They wouldn't even bother to look at it if it were simply lying on the ground.

    "This crippled spiritual weapon?" Moyu laughed, "At the end of the day, it's only a piece of scrap metal in the shape of a sword. It's an unsuccessfully refined spiritual weapon, I don't know what you're so proud of."


    Hong Yun was enraged. These people can insult him all they want but they could not insult his treasure.

    "Only a crippled spiritual weapon? Little girl, you may be a member of the Hundred Herb Hall but I don't think that even the Hundred Herb Hall would be able to obtain a crippled spiritual weapon! Since you've said that my sword is only a scrap piece of weaponry, I'll give you a taste of it!"


    A strong, wild wind erupted from the inky-black longsword, transforming the air into a hurricane that smashed onto the ground. The sheer force split the ground into an enormous ravine.

    But before Hong Yun could regain his senses, he heard a light giggle from behind him. Moyu's voice was filled with ridicule as if she were only playing with him.

    "That's one strike. You have two more."

    Hong Yun was angered beyond reason. He turned around and sent a violent blow onto Moyu's body. Just as he was about to rejoice, he saw the figure before him disappear into the air.
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