Chapter 330: Collecting The Goods (6)

    Chapter 330: Collecting The Goods (6)

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    Wait a minute!

    This woman did not seem to be the least bit worried by his threats. Why was that? Why was there a strange look in her eyes?

    The more Hong Yun thought about it, the more he realized that something wasn't right but he simply couldn't figure it out. Could it be that she doesn't care whether this spiritual beast lives or dies? But if that was the case, why would she even sign a contract with her?

    Just as Hong Yun was racking his brain for an answer, he heard a cold and blood-thirsty voice filled with ridicule.

    "Oh? You want to kill me?"

    Hong Yun's nerves unhinged and he roared furiously, "Who? Who dares to dress up as God, and play the Devil? Show yourself!"

    "My apologies, you're holding me in your hands. Are you planning on letting me go?"

    As he heard this, Hong Yun's expression changed drastically. He lowered his head in astonishment to stare sluggishly at the fiery-red little beast in his hand. He then widened his eyes as if he had seen a ghost.

    "This Fire Cloud Beast can talk? Don't Fire Beasts have a low IQ? How can he speak?"

    "Fire Cloud Beast?"

    Yan sneered and snorted disdainfully, "Do not compare me with those low-level spiritual beasts. Fire Cloud Beasts aren't even fit to be meals for me!"

    This time, Hong Yun saw clearly that the voice had indeed come from the little beast in his hand.


    Hong Yun felt as if he had just been struck by lightning, his entire being was completely stunned. His face turned white, and his body trembled from extreme fear.

    Suddenly, pain shot through the hand that was holding the little beast. He saw flames burning on the palm of his hand but when he tried to throw the little beast away, he was unable to do so. He could only watch helplessly as the flames began to engulf his entire body.

    As they say, an unfortunate person would even drown in a teacup.

    Hong Yun's misfortune was more than half of this. Just as he was about to be burned into ashes, an angry voice was heard and an unknown force sent him flying off!

    "F*ck. Who was responsible for destroying that mountain peak? You almost had squashed me to death! Was it you, you idiot boy? Judging by your wretched appearance, you're certainly bad news! You dare to f*cking bring harm upon me?"

    A gray-haired, messy-looking old man came running towards him. His entire body seemed to have lost its composure and his sloppy beard looked as if it had not been trimmed for a very long time. His originally snow-white robes were now gray in color. If it were not for his strong aura, anyone would have mistaken him as a beggar.

    But Hong Yun reacted as if he had met his savior, his dying, ashen pallor was suddenly revived. He quickly replied, "Honored sir, it was the doing this woman. She was the one who'd cut off the mountain peak, I can prove it. Please save me, honored sir. These are not good people. They are demons who have murdered countless people."

    The flames on his hand were growing hotter and hotter. Hong Yun turned pale from the pain and was even more anxious.

    I've not enjoyed enough of life, I don't want to die here! He thought.

    The messy old man was silent. He glanced at Gu Ruoyun and Moyu, then turned towards the elderly man who was rolling on the ground in pain. The messy old man stroked his sloppy chin and laughed coldly.

    "Did you think that I'd listen to you? These two ladies are pretty good-looking. From a single glance, one can already tell that they aren't bad people. You, on the other hand, look vulgar and wretched. There's nothing good about a person like you. You'd even try to frame these beautiful ladies."
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