Chapter 332: Collecting The Goods (8)

    Chapter 332: Collecting The Goods (8)

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    The Honorable Poison Master's eyes were filled with hatred and his diabolical gaze was fixed on Honorable Sir Tian Qi. Suddenly, his murderous intent erupted from his body and a strong, green-colored wind rose in front of him.

    "Since you've pried into something you shouldn't have, death shall be your punishment!"

    Honorable Sir Tian Qi replied angrily, "Can't you get it into your head? Fine, fine! If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!"

    "Haha." The Honorable Poison Master laughed wildly as his eyes gleamed with hatefulness and murderous intent. His body then turned into a green wind and pierced through the sky before charging towards Honorable Sir Tian Qi.

    Even though the former had only just broken through to the Martial Honor rank, Honorable Sir Tian Qi could not be careless. One false move and his body would become infested with poisonous gas, enough to end his own life.

    So his face grew increasingly serious and shirked his frivolousness. The space between his brows was now filled with an intense vigilance.


    The fists of both men collided in the sky, the sheer force of the collision caused an explosion which erupted from the bodies of both men. It destroyed the surrounding trees as if everything had been hit with an aura of decay.

    Gu Ruoyun raised the back of her hand and blocked her forehead. Despite this, her body stumbled as she was pushed backwards by the great force. Her eyes, however, were still filled with excitement.

    "The powers of Martial Honors are strong indeed. Even though I've met many strong cultivators in my past life, like Jin Di for example, who was the strongest of the strong. But to witness a Martial Honor in battle as a Martial King, this is unimaginable."

    Between a Martial King and Martial Honor, one shouldn't assume that it's only one rank apart. In reality, the difference was as vast as a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers. Otherwise, Martial Honors would not be considered as the most powerful cultivators of the West Spirit Mainland.

    Even though one Martial Honor could easily crush a city moat in the East Peak Mainland.


    The Honorable Sir Tian Qi looked down on his fist, and shot the Honorable Poison Master a fierce glare, "If you have the skills, don't use poison."


    The Honorable Poison Master smiled eerily and his eyes clouded with gloom, coldly fixed upon the Honorable Sir Tian Qi, "It was you who had peeped into my private business first. To avoid exposure, you must die by my poison today."

    The Honorable Sir Tian Qi's face turned grave. Indeed, he was in the wrong from the very beginning. So he had always given in to the Honorable Poison Master. However, he has pushed him to the limit as he chased him around and refused to give up. Despite having escaped to Heaven Mountain, he was still pursued.

    Was it possible that this fellow was interested in my anus? The Honorable Sir Tian Qi thought, feeling horrified. Goosebumps formed all over his body.

    "Honorable Poison Master, I will never comply with your wishes so stop your delusions."

    Pu tong!

    The Honorable Poison Master felt unstable on one leg and immediately fell from the sky, landing head-first onto the ground. He raised his elderly face and stared at the former, whose face was like an old withered tree. His face was ashen with rage, "You old b*stard, you dare insult me! I, the Honorable Poison Master, swear to kill you, or I am no man!"

    I may be homosexual but I wouldn't have such bad taste, thought the Honorable Poison Master. This old man was simply insulting me.

    A scholar prefers death rather than humiliation. Now I have another reason to kill him.


    The Honorable Poison Master flew into the void at the thought of this. This time, he did not speak and only raised his fist towards Honorable Sir Tian Qi's face.

    Moyu and everyone else could only see two streaks of light clashing with one another from afar, colliding then exploding... It was a continuous cycle. And the actions of both men were so fast that they could not get a clear view.

    Honorable Poison Master does not have a "Sir" in his honorific because the author wrote his honorific as "", which translates to "Honorable Poison". I translated it into "Honorable Poison Master" for clarity, and omitted the "Sir". This is because Honorable Sir Tian Qi is addressed as "" in the raws, which translates literally to "Honorable Sir Tan Qi". I've decided to respect the distinction, in case the author wrote it that way on purpose. :)
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