Chapter 334: Collecting The Goods (10)

    Chapter 334: Collecting The Goods (10)

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    "I... I was being nice. I was only trying to help that young girl by giving her body a check-up," The Honorable Sir Tian Qi turned very red in the face and glared fiercely at the Honorable Poison Master. "Besides, you're not all that great either, you shameless, homosexual b*stard! If this little girl were to follow you instead, I wouldn't be able to rest easy."

    The Honorable Poison Master sneered, "It's because of the fact that I'm a homosexual that she would most definitely be safe with me."

    "You..." The Honorable Sir Tian Qi sputtered in anger. He then turned to Gu Ruoyun and asked her, "Little girl, we've both taken a fancy to you so you should make the decision. With whom would you like join as a disciple? Anyone who loses is not allowed to retaliate!"

    He believed that Gu Ruoyun would naturally choose him. After all, the other fellow looked extremely creepy and was covered with poisonous gas from head to toe, he's totally unsafe.

    "About that..." Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose, "I already have a master so I don't think I'd need another teacher."


    The Honorable Poison Master laughed mockingly then glanced at the disappointed-looking Honorable Sir Tian Qi, "Did you hear that? This little girl does not like me nor does she like you. So what if you're from the Spirit Sect? Do you really think that you're on a higher level from us all? This little girl is gifted and her future will certainly be like a dragon out in the ocean. When that time comes, neither of us would have the right to be her teacher."

    "You shut up!" The Honorable Sir Tian Qi glared angrily at the Honorable Poison Master before turning to Gu Ruoyun again, "Little girl, I have a very good impression of you. If anyone tries to harm you in the future, simply mention my name - Honorable Sir Tian Qi, and no one will dare to touch you again."

    Gu Ruoyun giggled, "Thank you for your good intentions, Honorable Sir Tian Qi. We may not be master and apprentice, but we can still be friends, am I right?"


    Honorable Sir Tian Qi laughed and nodded his head in satisfaction, "That's right, that's right. Then I now have one more longtime friend. This wasn't a bad decision at all. Little girl, don't forget to visit me at the Spirit Sect when you have the time."

    "Hehe," The Honorable Poison Master cackled, "You're hardly ever in the Spirit Sect all year round. Were you expecting the little girl to draw blanks? Besides, I won't let you live for very much longer! Little girl, here's my token. Seeing this is equivalent to seeing me in the flesh. You can also communicate with me through this token. Should you ever be in danger, you can use this to summon me. I'll definitely help you out as much as I can."

    I have a feeling that this little girl is not a thing from the pool, he thought. It's better to establish a good relationship now so I will have a strong alliance in the future. I'm quite excited to see how this girl can change the course of this mainland.

    The era where the Three Great Authorities govern the West Spirit Mainland will soon come to an end.

    Hence, after some thought, the Honorable Poison Master continued, "Oh right. Little girl, in the future, when the organization you've established far surpasses the Three Great Authorities, don't forget to leave me a spot as your elder minister. I'll certainly join you."

    "I certainly will."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, if a strong cultivator like the Honorable Poison Master were to join the Devil Sect, then they would be at the pinnacle of supremacy in West Spirit Mainland.

    Honorable Sir Tian Qi rolled his eyes but said nothing more. He smiled at Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, since the Honorable Poison Master has given you his token, then I shall do the same. This jade pendant is from my Spirit Sect. If anyone tries to give you trouble, use this, and it will mobilize the members of the Spirit Sect."

    "Little girl, do not be deceived by him. That token belongs to the elder of the Spirit Sect. If you take it, you will become an elder of the Spirit Sect." The Honorable Poison Master chimed in, completely disregarding the Honorable Sir Tian Qi's reputation.
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