Chapter 336: Collecting The Goods (12)

    Chapter 336: Collecting The Goods (12)

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    "This looks like the deepest part of Heaven Mountain? Mmm, that's..."

    A glint of light flashed through Gu Ruoyun's eyes. She stared in surprise at the otherworldly utopia before her and excitement slowly grew in her eyes. Then her gaze focused on the swirling milky-white spring water.

    "It's a holy spirit stone. It's said that only one holy spirit stone will appear in every bottomless holy spirit water. Yet now, there are so many of them."

    Suddenly, a demonic purple figure appeared next to Gu Ruoyun. Zixie's lips curled coquettishly as his demonic purple eyes observed the nearby spring water. A sense of seriousness graced his handsome face.

    Moyu and everyone else was stunned. Where did this guy come from? they wondered. Their hair stood on end from the moment they laid eyes on Zixie. They were immediately on guard, this was a completely different situation from when they had threatened Hong Yun.

    "It seems that these really are holy spirit stones."

    Gu Ruoyun took a deep breath, forcing herself to suppress her excitement and surprise. She did not dare to act recklessly as it simply made no sense that no powerful cultivator had claimed these tempting objects in Heaven Mountain.

    Hence, it was crucial for them to be extra vigilant.

    "Master, what are holy spirit stones?" Moyu asked, blinking her eyes.

    Gu Ruoyun looked up and replied softly, "Holy spirit water, according to legend, just one drop of it will allow a high-level Martial General to immediately reach the ranks of a mid-level Martial King. These holy spirit stones are even more precious. Out of over ten thousand holy spirit lakes, only one holy spirit stone would appear. Yet this spring water is filled with holy spirit stones. Should anyone consume a holy spirit stone, they would be able to rise above countless levels instantly. Such is the power of a holy spirit stone. However, your ranks are far too low at the moment and if you were to consume a holy spirit stone, you will explode and die. You can only use external forces to help your body digest the holy spirit stone once you have broken through to the ranks of a Martial Emperor."

    Holy spirit stones have their advantages and disadvantages. There may not be side effects, nor will they cause instability in your foundation. But, one false move and you could explode from the power within the stone.

    Moyu concentrated her gaze on the holy spirit stone and just as she was about to step forward, she heard Gu Ruoyun's voice, "Wait a minute."

    Moyu immediately paused in her steps and turned her head in astonishment towards Gu Ruoyun, "Master?"

    "Moyu, get out of the way, hurry!!!"

    Gu Ruoyun screamed as her expression suddenly changed. She quickly rushed towards Moyu.

    Before Moyu could make sense of the situation, a loud bang was heard, and an enormous dragon burst from within the holy spirit stone spring, charging towards the sky. Its loud roar shook the entire mountain range and it aimed its large claws towards Moyu.


    Gu Ruoyun quickly threw herself onto Moyu, sending her body crashing onto the ground. In that moment, the claws tore through the sky and landed on the ground. A deep chasm appeared from where Moyu had stood.

    Moyu was in shock, if her Master had not risked her life to save her, she would've been...

    As she thought of the consequences, Moyu's back was drenched in a layer of cold sweat. She felt immense gratitude towards Gu Ruoyun. She was only a protector of the Devil Sect and there were many more powerful cultivators by her Master's side.

    However, even so, my Master has never given up on me, she thought. If my Master did not react in time, the dragon's claw would have killed the both of us.
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