Chapter 337: A Crisis In The Xia Family (1)

    Chapter 337: A Crisis In The Xia Family (1)

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    Yan frowned and stared at Gu Ruoyun in confusion.

    Aren't humans naturally selfish and treacherous? He wondered. Why would she risk such danger just to save her subordinate? I simply cannot understand this woman's mind.

    After some thought, Yan shook his head then found a comfortable spot to lie down, watching the grim scene with his eyes half closed.

    "A pale dragon?"

    Gu Ruoyun straightened herself up and turned towards the pure white dragon in the sky. It had the same coloring as the holy spirit stones and its scales looked like crystals, brilliant and glittering, one could not help but want to caress it.

    Except that the eyes of the pale dragon were ferocious and cruel, it had a kind of power that could bring about the Armageddon.

    "So what if it's a pale dragon?" Gu Ruoyun smiled, staring at the pale dragon with bright, shining eyes, "Coincidentally, the medication needed to help the Azure Dragon required the eye of a dragon! Zixie, we're going to slaughter a dragon this time!"

    This was certainly a case of traveling far and wide to look for something only to find it easily. She had not expected that there would be so many treasures in Heaven Mountain. Not only has she obtained many valuable medicinal herbs, she also found a holy spirit spring water. Now, even the eye of a dragon was within her grasp...

    "Roar!" The pale dragon roared angrily. These low, petty humans dare interfere with my coercion, such a crime should be punished with death! He slowly opened his mouth and gathered a powerful windstorm from within. It was a strong blast of wind and all of it was aimed towards Gu Ruoyun.

    The windstorm was like a cyclone. Not an inch of land was spared in its attack, leaving Moyu and everyone else breathless in its coercion. Their faces began to turn pale.

    "A mere little pale dragon, yet it dares to show off."

    Zixie finally reacted and he stepped to the front. A blast of coercion unlike the pale dragon's erupted from his body and the windstorm attacking them disappeared into the void with a loud bang.

    Moyu and the rest could finally breathe. Their foreheads were drenched with sweat and they stared at the man in front of them with astonishment.

    Wasn't this man the Master's teacher? He's extremely strong! His powers are no less than those of the Honorable Sir Tian Qi and the Honorable Poison Master. Why, he might even be more powerful than the both of them.

    No wonder the Master had rejected both their offers for apprenticeship. It's because her own Master was far more powerful and much younger. His future would be wider.

    "Roar!" The pale dragon was enraged. Its enormous body was like a great mountain as it threw itself forcefully on Zixie. Just as Zixie was about to attack, a calm voice filled with absolute decisiveness spoke up next to him.

    "Zixie, I've told you. This time, we will both slaughter the dragon. I can't always be relying on you and cannot depend on you to solve all my problems. Otherwise, how can I grow stronger? So let us fight alongside one another. You are not my weapon of war but my partner."

    To humans, a spiritual animal, besides being a treasured possession, was also a form of defense in times of danger.

    However, in her heart, they are her friends who stand beside her. Even though Zixie was extremely powerful, she cannot wait for him to help solve her problems. Otherwise, if Zixie were not here today, we would most likely have died under the pale dragon's claw.

    I do not want this sort of greatness!

    Yan, whose eyes were initially half closed, overheard Gu Ruoyun's conversation and widened his eyes. He stared at Gu Ruoyun like she were some form of oddity, as if he had just seen something unbelievable...
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