Chapter 338: A Crisis In The Xia Family (2)

    Chapter 338: A Crisis In The Xia Family (2)

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    "This human girl is rather interesting. But humans are humans. My opinion of their maliciousness will not change simply because of this one small matter."

    He will never forget how the humans had cruelly slaughtered them all those years ago, dyeing the entire spiritual beast mountain range with blood. The high spiritual beast mountain range had been littered with the bodies of spiritual animals.

    If that man had not appeared, it's highly likely that not even a single spiritual beast would be left in the East Peak Mainland. Since then, the entire race (of spiritual beasts) vowed eternal loyalty and devotion to that man...

    But the god-like man then suddenly disappeared, even his scent vanished from the East Peak Mainland. The spiritual beasts of East Peak Mainland have searched for him far and wide yet could not find him at all.

    However, a few years ago, the man's scent had reappeared. But not in the East Peak Mainland, rather, it had appeared on this mainland where Yan arrived. Not only was Yan running for his life, but because the animal race had confirmed it, their king was now somewhere on this mainland...

    "Very well."

    Zixie glanced at the young girl and his purple eyes were filled with a demonic smile, "I respect your decision. If you want to fight alongside with me, then... This time, let us fight together. Are you ready, little girl?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded her head solemnly, "I've already prepared myself. Zixie, my journey towards greatness does not need your protection, instead... I need your help. Protection and aid are two very different things. I'm not willing to become the person who hides behind you for protection."

    Zixia smiled, his eyes were filled with an incomprehensible light. Whenever he looked at her, his expression would be full of gentleness and affection. It was as if he had lost his demonic, cold countenance for a moment.

    Then, every person on site witnessed an unforgettable scene.

    A great purple flame burst into the sky and covered the clear blue skies in an earth-shattering manner. After that, the demonic man, who had been smiling gently at the young girl, turned into a streak of purple light and pierced through the skies. He reemerged as a phoenix soaring over the clouds.

    The phoenix was purple in color, its wings blazed with purple fire and contrasted strongly with the blue heavens. It was both noble and graceful. Its evil-looking eyes were full of awe-inspiring light as if it could absorb a person's heart, causing the hearts of everyone else to tremble.

    Yan nearly fell over in shock. The spiritual beasts placed high demands on lineage, and Zixie had always appeared to him as a human. Now that he had reverted to his original form, the great coercion produced such pressure on Yan that he found it very hard to breathe.

    This phoenix is a descendant of the noblest spiritual beasts, why would someone of such nobility remain bound to a human so willingly?

    Yan simply could not understand it. What was he thinking? Someone as strong and powerful as he could march along the entire mainland without any issues, yet why does he let himself be restricted? What's the point of this?

    Of course, he will never be able to understand the concept of sticking together in life and death or such a thing known as 'friendship'!

    It can be assumed that he will never understand it, not in this lifetime.

    "A phoenix? Master's teacher is actually a spiritual beast?"

    Moyu's face was filled with shock, she could never have imagined that the man who had remained by her master's side from the very beginning would turn out to be a spiritual beast!

    "This... What's happened?"

    Within the mountain range, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi, who was in the middle of escaping, suddenly felt a strong coercion from behind him. He turned his head and nearly fell over in shock.

    A noble and graceful-looking purple phoenix and a fearsome pale dragon were in the middle of a confrontation!
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