Chapter 339: A Crisis In The Xia Family (3)

    Chapter 339: A Crisis In The Xia Family (3)

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    Heavens, a phoenix and a pale dragon. Such magnificent spiritual beasts have appeared in Heaven Mountain? These spiritual beasts shouldn't appear in this lower-level mainland, right? What's happening in Heaven Mountain?

    "Wait, that... Isn't that the little Gu girl riding on the phoenix's back?"

    Suddenly, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi noticed a slim figured on the back of the phoenix and his mouth widened in shock, he was rendered temporarily speechless.

    That would explain why she had dared to enter Heaven Mountain on her own, he thought. It's no wonder too that she thought nothing of my and the Honorable Poison Master's offer for an apprenticeship.

    She has a strong trump card on hand!

    Tsk tsk, that's a phoenix. It stood along with the dragons on the top of the food chain among the spiritual beasts. He certainly never expected that such a powerful spiritual beast would be willing to become this little girl's mount.

    It would seem that he would have to redefine his opinions of this little girl.

    Honorable Sir Tian Qi made a decision at the thought of this. He will use all means to prevent the members of the Spirit Sect from provoking this little girl. He believes that this little girl would not stay very long in the tiny West Spirit Mainland.

    She would certainly expand towards somewhere even greater.


    The Honorable Poison Master also happened to witness the scene from afar and paused in his steps. A light flashed across his eyes, "Hehe, this little girl. She's certainly getting more interesting. Even a phoenix would willingly bind itself to her. It wouldn't be a loss for me if I were to join her organization. I'm definitely anticipating the day when she's fully grown and cause those hypocrites of the lands controlled by the Three Great Authorities to suffer damages. Besides, I've always disliked those hypocrites."

    By then, she will be reborn and cause an enormous commotion in the entire mainland.

    The current dictatorial structure of the Three Great Authorities would be due for a change soon...

    Above the mountain range.

    Gu Ruoyun observed the snarling pale dragon before her and clutched the longsword in her hand, "I'm ready. Let's go."


    Just as she spoke, Zixie charged towards the pale dragon. He was extremely fast, so fast that the spectators below could only see a gust of purple wind streaking past. Then, the enormous pale dragon was hit and it fell a few steps back.


    The pale dragon was furious, it opened its mouth and spat its dragon's breath but Zixie was a step ahead. He dodged before the dragon's breath could hit him and began circling around the dragon.

    Then, Gu Ruoyun raised the sword in her hand and pierced it into the pale dragon's back, tearing out a piece of the dragon's scale. Blood began to gush out from the wound and the pale dragon roared in pain. Its cruel eyes were bloodshot and it raised its claws, aiming towards Gu Ruoyun.

    He wanted to swipe her off Zixie's back.

    But would Zixie give him the opportunity to do so?

    The moment it directed its claws towards Gu Ruoyun, Zixie flapped his winds and a purple blaze erupted from him, turning into a flaming thunderstorm which headed towards the pale dragon's lower claw.


    Under extreme pain, the pale dragon quickly retracted its claws before flinging its gigantic body at Zixie.

    Gu Ruoyun quickly seized her chance and jumped, landing on the pale dragon's back.

    Meanwhile, Moyu and the rest were in a daze from the shock of watching Gu Ruoyun's move. Even the Honorable Sir Tian Qi and Honorable Poison Master, who were watching the scene from afar, stared blankly. No one thought that she would have the guts to jump onto the pale dragon's back.

    She's pretty much seeking her own death.
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