Chapter 341: A Crisis In The Xia Family (5)

    Chapter 341: A Crisis In The Xia Family (5)

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    Streaks of blood flowed from an open wound on her arm, dyeing the injured dragon's back in red. It was hard to tell the difference between the dragon's blood and hers...

    "The road to greatness is paved with blood. Even if I have to be soaked with blood on the way, I will cut my way through the thistles and thorns to climb or walk to complete the journey."

    The young girl's words, spoken long ago, suddenly rang in Zixie's head. He stared at the blood-soaked girl, still fighting bravely, and a set of complex yet peculiar emotions began to fill his gaze.

    She strove to flaunt her superiority and fought with the pale dragon so does she not fear death? No. She was very afraid of death. As a person who had already experienced death once, she treasured her second chance in life even more. And because she treasured it so much, she would willingly undergo dangerous trials.

    She's doing all of this so that she will continue to grow in power.

    Only with great power could she obtain the seat of honor among the most powerful cultivators on this mainland. Then will she have the power to protect the people beside her, never to be parted again...

    Pu chi!

    Once again, the longsword pierced into the pale dragon's back, causing it to suddenly plummet from the sky, bringing Gu Ruoyun along with it...


    Zixie immediately tore through the skies and caught the falling girl. He slowly made his descent.

    The young girl on Zixie's back was drenched in blood, even the longsword in her hands had blood dripping onto the ground. She pursed her thin lips with a calm light in her eyes. Her slender body stood tall and her blood-soaked clothes flapped against the wind. She looked like a murderous god, blood-thirsty by nature and filled with raw intent for slaughter.

    Yan's mouth opened in shock. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that this little girl would end up defeating a dragon!

    There were many times when he thought that she would be defeated but by some unknown power, she never loosened her grip no matter how many injuries she had suffered.

    One might even say that the little girl defeated the dragon not with strength but by sheer willpower!

    If it were not for her willpower, even if there were a hundred of her, she would still have become a scrap of meat stuck between the pale dragon's teeth.

    "It would seem that this time, the heavens have truly been defied."

    On top of a mountain, not too far away, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi let out a small sigh. Sometime in the future, this young girl will surely bring a revolution onto the mainland...

    There's nothing to fear about a gifted person. The fearsome thing would be a person who was not only gifted but hard working as well with an absolute willpower.

    Someone like that is truly terrifying.

    Honorable Sir Tian Qi finally understood how she could have grown at such an abnormal pace! It's because she holds all three qualities and would become something so out of this world that even he was terrified. Luckily, this little girl was not an enemy, he thought. Otherwise, he would be having a very big headache...


    Zixie gradually elongated his body once Gu Ruoyun had stepped down. A figure in purple robes which fluttered despite the lack of a breeze appeared by her side. His demonic features were formed into a deep smile as his eyes gazed gently at the young girl.

    "Little girl, I have a whole new level of respect for you now."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled but did not reply. She turned her attention to the pale dragon, and curled her lips, "Zixie, help me get its eyes out, I want to use them to heal the Azure Dragon."


    The pale dragon growled softly, its voice was not nearly as clear as it had been in the beginning, it was as if it were pleading with her.

    Zixie glanced at the pale dragon and looked at Gu Ruoyun, "Little girl, he asks for you to spare him. In return, he's willing to become the weapon spirit of your spiritual weapon. Perhaps you should think about this. If you were to obtain a weapon spirit, your middle-class weapon will be upgraded to a high-class one."
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