Chapter 342: A Crisis In The Xia Family (6)

    Chapter 342: A Crisis In The Xia Family (6)

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    Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "I will obtain a weapon spirit sooner or later, the most important thing now is the eyes of the Azure Dragon."

    Meanwhile, the Azure Dragon who was in the phoenix cauldron overheard Gu Ruoyun's conversation. A hint of gratitude appeared in his eyes. From what he could tell, a high-class spiritual weapon was far more valuable than him. One should know that there are no high-class spiritual weapons in existence on this mainland. But she would willingly give up on such a strong weapon spirit all for the sake of his eyes...

    How could he not be moved by this warm sentiment?


    The pale dragon growled anxiously and stared pitifully at Gu Ruoyun. All trace of his earlier cruelty and maliciousness was now gone.

    "Little girl, he says that if it's dragon's eyes you want, there's an extra pair in his possession. But the previous owner was not as powerful as he was, so the effect of those eyes may not be as great in comparison with his own. You should put this into consideration, little girl. Those dragon's eyes may be of a lower level but they would still help the Azure Dragon in regaining some of his power. They may not be as powerful as this dragon's eyes, but the Azure Dragon can recuperate on his own, albeit slowly."

    Gu Ruoyun was silent.

    This pale dragon would willingly admit that his extra pair of dragon's eyes was not as powerful as his own, I'm not sure if he's naive or stupid? She wondered. If this were anyone else, they'd probably choose the pale dragon's own eyes instead.

    "Let me discuss this with the Azure Dragon. If he agrees, then it's decided."

    Just then, Tianqiong's voice sounded from within her soul, "Master, you've done more than enough for Yunyao and I, I'm willing to accept the extra pair of dragon's eyes instead. Even if I'm unable to regain my powers fully, at least I will no longer be a good-for-nothing who will only hold you back. I can work hard on my own and slowly regain my power. This way, you will also be able to upgrade your spiritual weapon, Master."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun raised her head, and looked at the pale dragon, "Do you agree to become my weapon spirit and to fight by my side?"

    She asked him to fight alongside her, not to fight for her.

    Joy sprung in the pale dragon's heart and he nodded his head quickly like someone pounding garlic. He let out a low growl as if he was responding to Gu Ruoyun's question.

    "Alright, since it's agreed, then I'll let you be my weapon spirit for the time being. Once I've entered the pinnacle of strength, I'll set you free. Now, come inside."

    Gu Ruoyun raised the sword in her hand to her face and watched as the pale dragon's body slowly turned transparent. Then, the transparent body seeped into the sword.

    At that moment, a picture of the white pale dragon appeared on the sword's blade. Its eyes were ferocious and malicious, intimidating all who laid eyes on it.

    "This time, we've gained quite a few benefits on our expedition to Heaven Mountain," Gu Ruoyun smiled in satisfaction before turning towards the people behind her, "With your current level of strength, you will not be able to digest the holy spirit stones. In fact, your bodies might explode from consuming them. However, since there are so many holy spirit stones here, it would be very suitable for a Martial Warrior level of cultivation. Each of you will take one Qi Collection pill then begin cultivating here. We'll leave this place in half a month."

    "As you command, Master."

    Moyu stared in adoration at Gu Ruoyun. She now had another reason to flaunt upon her return. After all, only a few of them from the Devil Sect had the privilege to witness a pale dragon surrendering to their Master...

    However, Gu Ruoyun could not anticipate that because they had all chosen to remain in Heaven Mountain for half a month, a crisis would fall upon the Xia Family! When she finally returns, it was too late for regrets, raising a violent commotion in the mainland...
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