Chapter 345: Gu Ruoyuns Fury (1)

    Chapter 345: Gu Ruoyun's Fury (1)

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    A group of people had gathered, surrounding the gates of the Xia Family home.

    A woman in white stood in front of the crowd. Her robes seemed to float in the air and she looked like an immortal - she was absolutely stunning. She spoke gently, "Elder Ling Yun, Elder Wu Shan. We've already been here for many days yet the Divine Beast in the Xia Family hasn't made a single move. As such, there's no reason for us to wait anymore. If we can force the entire Xia Family into submission, then the Weapon Refining Sect will obtain a strong position."

    Hearing this, Elder Ling Yun slowly nodded his head, "You're right, my Lady. The Xia Family has only one Martial Emperor. It's only because of their backing from the Divine Beast that they were able to be on par with the Weapon Refining Sect. But, hehe, the Divine Beast has not retaliated. We don't even know if it really exists."

    Shiyun did not reply, her gentle eyes merely observed the Xia Family courtyard.

    I can clearly feel a strong energy from within the courtyard, there's definitely a powerful Divine Beast residing in the Xia Family home, she thought. Unfortunately, the Divine Beast was now unwilling to help the Xia Family.

    In that case, this was a good time to force the Divine Beast and the Xia Family to surrender.

    Suddenly, footsteps sounded from within the courtyard. Leng Yanfeng, who was by Shiyun's side from the beginning, raised his head to see a face that made him grit his teeth with hatred.

    To him, this young girl always had a calm and collected aura about her, unlike junior sister Shiyun's gentleness. He doesn't know whether it's because of the strength of this aura, but he has a feeling that the fairy-like junior sister Shiyun would only serve as a foil if she stood next to her.

    At the thought of this, he quickly regained his senses and smiled in ridicule.

    How could this be? Junior sister Shiyun is an extremely outstanding woman. Be it talents or good looks, she's considered to be the best of the best. And what would you call this... Little girl? Sure, she may no longer be a good-for-nothing, but she can never be compared with junior sister Shiyun!

    "Young Master Xia, what is your decision?" Elder Ling Yun smiled curtly, "If the Xia Family were to serve my Weapon Refining Sect and become our subordinates, we might even be kind enough to let you all leave with your lives, hahaha!"

    Xia Zixi's face darkened but before he could speak, a young girl's voice, full of murderous intent, chimed in.

    "It was the both of you. You're responsible for Master Xia's injuries, and... Pushing Yu'er off a cliff?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her delicate and pretty head. Her black pupils stared coldly at the crowd before her. The aura from her body was as cold as ice as her murderous intent overflowed from her entire body, spreading throughout the entire courtyard.

    Ling Yun sneered, "You mean that reckless little son of a b*tch? So what if we did? It's not just him. You too must die! Just because you're a Martial King doesn't mean that you can do as you please. There are mountains beyond mountains and heavens beyond heavens. Between both of us Martial Emperors, you're not enough for the kill."

    Due to the impending danger that loomed above the Xia Family, many powerful forces in Heaven City have gathered in the Xia Family home. Now that the members of the Weapon Refining Sect have arrived at the gates, all of them had rushed out with their weapons drawn, ready for a fight to the death.

    However, the young girl only chuckled. She curled her lips but the murderous intent in her eyes did not diminish. Instead, it increased.

    "Haha, that's right. You're absolutely right. There are mountains beyond mountains and heavens beyond heavens. Your Weapon Refining Sect has harmed people that should have been left alone. So I, Gu Ruoyun, now solemnly swear that if I do not annihilate the entire Weapon Refining Sect, then I, Gu Ruoyun am not worthy to be called a human!"
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