Chapter 346: Gu Ruoyuns Fury (2)

    Chapter 346: Gu Ruoyun's Fury (2)

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    Her words were like a shocking clap of thunder exploding into the hearts of everyone present. Even the powerful families of Heaven City stared blankly in shock as they gazed at the young girl's cold and delicate features with disbelief.

    They could not believe that someone would declare their intention to destroy the entire Weapon Refining Sect in such a public manner. The Dongfang family was evenly matched with them. She's definitely got delusions of grandeur.

    Indeed, though the Hundred Herb Hall is powerful and has good connections with many powerful organizations, that may not be enough if they were to fight against the Weapon Refining Sect.

    After all, when compared with the Weapon Refining Sect, there were no Martial Emperors among the ranks of the Hundred Herb Hall!

    "Merely a small grain of rice, yet it dares to challenge the sun and the moon?" Elder Ling Yun's smile grew cold and eerie as he replied carelessly, "Little girl, you are small and weak. And yet you talk like a savage. The Lady of our house may be a great genius but she's not as arrogant as you. I don't understand it. What right do you have to act so savagely?"

    When compared with their Lady, this little girl was very far off. But she does not follow our Lady's good example and behave with more humility and kindness. It would seem that perfect and outstanding women like our Lady were now extinct from the world.

    She's probably the only one on the entire mainland.

    Elder Wu Shan coldly observed Gu Ruoyun and spoke in in a frightening manner, "Elder Ling Yun, since this girl has an exaggerated opinion of her abilities, then let us give her a taste of the true power of Martial Emperors!"

    If Moyu were here, she would certainly snort in disdain at the two Martial Emperors.

    Forget about Martial Emperors, she's already witnessed the power of a Martial Honor and maintained her composure when watching two Martial Honors fight with each other. Would the coercion of one mere Martial Emperor compel her to serve him?

    Besides, she had already faced a pale dragon which would pose as a great headache to everyone on the mainland and made it surrender to her. Just what confidence do these two Martial Emperors have that she would fear them?


    Ling Yun laughed loudly then tore through the skies and charged towards Gu Ruoyun.

    The formidable magnanimity of the head-on collision caused Xia Zixi, who stood next to Gu Ruoyun, to stumble a few steps back. He raised his head in astonishment, then shouted anxiously, "Lady Gu, watch out!"

    He knew how much Gu Ruoyun meant to Yu'er. If anything were to happen to her, how could he face Yu'er again?

    Now Xia Zixi was beginning to feel guilty for involving Gu Ruoyun in this mess.

    However, the young girl remained calm in the face of the hurricane. She raised her head and stared coldly at the oncoming Elder Ling Yun.

    Then, she slowly opened her mouth to speak. Her clear, cold voice resonated into every ear in the crowd, striking their hearts with ferocity.

    "Tianqiong, show me your power."

    Back in Heaven Mountain, she had already restored the Azure Dragon's eyes with Zixie's help. Unfortunately, after helping her restore the Azure Dragon's eyes, Zixie suffered a great loss in energy and has entered into a deep slumber.


    Just as Gu Ruoyun spoke, the loud roar of a dragon resonated throughout the heavens and earth. Before everyone could make sense of the situation, a bright azure light shot out from the young girl's body, flying towards the skies.

    The Azure Dragon was enormous and covered the entire expanse of the heavens. It was like black clouds blocking out the sunlight, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

    "Haha!" Ling Yun laughed as a smile of ridicule hung on his lips, "Gu Ruoyun, based on what we've heard, there was indeed a dragon under your wing and the dragon has threatened and frightened many people into retreat. Unfortunately, we've already grappled with the card in your hand. In reality, this dragon is a powerless good-for-nothing! Furthermore, it's blind! Tsk tsk, but I've heard that you have a White Tiger as well and that in human form, she was indeed an outstanding beauty. How about you give that White Tiger to the brothers of the Weapon Refining Sect and we'll grant you an easier death!"
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