Chapter 347: Gu Ruoyuns Fury (3)

    Chapter 347: Gu Ruoyun's Fury (3)

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    It would have been better if Ling Yun had kept his mouth shut for just as he spoke, the sound of thunder and lightning began to clash from within the cloudy skies and the domineering voice of a sovereign descending from the heavens rang aloud.

    "Human, you dare make schemes for Yunyao? You are courting death!"


    Flames of dragon breath rained from the skies and before Elder Ling Yun could react, his entire body was blackened from being burned and his hair was in disarray like a beggar who had just crawled out from the trash. A great chasm appeared beneath his feet.

    High above the heavens, the enormous dragon whose body had covered the skies slowly began to shrink. Before everyone could regain their senses, he had turned into a formidable and muscular man.

    The man was dressed in azure robes and looked very handsome. He lightly raised his chin and stared commandingly down at the confused Elder Ling Yun.

    The dragon's flames seemed to have blown him into a foolish state, even now, he was still unable to grasp his plight!

    If not for the fact that the Azure Dragon has yet to fully recover his powers, that blast from the dragon's flames would have wiped him from the face of the earth.

    "It's... It's a dragon!"

    "Heaves, it really is a dragon. This was a blind, powerless dragon? Says who? Can a powerless dragon blast a Martial Emperor into dizziness? Can a blind dragon have such beautiful eyes?"

    The crowd finally regained their senses and cried out, staring in adoration at the floating Tianqiong. However, they were even more impressed by the fact that the dragon was serving Gu Ruoyun...

    "Elder Ling Yun, what are you doing?" Elder Wu Shan's face darkened as he bellowed at Ling Yun.


    Ling Yun finally sobered up. The color on his face turned from white to green and back again. He gritted his teeth and looked upwards at the man in the sky as he declared maliciously, "You're not a good-for-nothing! Impossible! This is impossible!"

    Suddenly, he remembered something and shot a glare at Leng Yanfeng.

    "Didn't you confirm that this dragon was a good-for-nothing? Why does he have the powers of a Martial Emperor? You idiot boy, explain yourself truthfully, did you conspire with these people to humiliate me in public? Just wait until we get home and I'll teach you a lesson. Even your Master can't stop me!"

    Leng Yanfeng's expression turned ugly as he glared maliciously at Gu Ruoyun.

    If it weren't for this woman, Elder Ling Yun and I would not have this misunderstanding! He thought angrily. Maybe even junior sister Shiyun would now have a false impression on me.

    His heart began to panic at the thought.

    He was not afraid of being misunderstood by anyone else. The only person's opinion that truly matters was the woman that he's been in love with for many years...

    Now he placed all of his blazing anger onto Gu Ruoyun and his already cold and handsome mug now turned icy. His dark eyes stared frostily at the young girl underneath the breeze. He sneered as his eyes were filled with scorn and loathing.

    "Gu Ruoyun, years ago, you clung onto me and refused to let go. Then, you went ahead and seduced another man. But it was all for naught as that man has no feelings for you. With Shiyun's outstanding existence, do you really think that anyone would be so blind as to fall for you? What a pity that you took advantage of his amnesia and hatched a plan. And now? Do you have another goal? Was that goal to obtain the Young Master of the Xia Family or Little Master Xia?"

    Leng Yanfeng's expression was as cold as ice, staring coldly at the figure whose green robes fluttered in the wind.

    But the young girl's expression remained unchanged. Her delicate features stayed calm and quiet as if the person whom Leng Yanfeng spoke of was not her at all.
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