Chapter 349: Gu Ruoyuns Fury (5)

    Chapter 349: Gu Ruoyun's Fury (5)

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    Tianqiong laughed wildly as his azure robes started to flutter in the storm winds.

    "So you want to gang up on me? Not bad, not bad. I haven't a fight like this in a very long time. Today, I'll let you two be my first kills since my recovery."


    In that instant, an azure wind began to circle around Tianqiong. Then, without any warning, his body disappeared and then reappeared behind Elder Ling Yun.


    Ling Yun felt a strong coercion from behind him. He quickly turned around and raised both hands to defend himself as blood started rushing to his brain. He stumbled a few steps back and left a trail of footprints in the air.

    Ling Yun had lost the disdainful look on his face, his features had turned somber.

    "Aren't you supposed to be extremely powerful?" mocked Tianqiong. His dark eyes were filled with dominance like a mighty king, arrogant and condescending, "If that's the case, come at me! Give me all you've got!"

    Wu Shan wrinkled his brow, "Ling Yun, he may not have the full power of a Divine Beast, but he has the ability to turn into a human form. This proves that he has the blood of a Divine Beast in his veins. A spiritual beast like this won't be easy to deal with so let's not hide any longer. If we don't kill him today, we'll certainly be killed instead!"


    Ling Yun nodded.

    Both men then pulled out their weapons, spreading a strong current of spiritual energy which shook the hearts of everyone present.

    "It's a spiritual weapon!"

    "No... That's not right. That's not really a spiritual weapon, it's a crippled spirit weapon!"

    Naturally, those crippled spirit weapons were not like the one that Gu Ruoyun had found in the Heavenly Spirit Formation cave. After all, the crippled spirit weapon she found was more than a few decades old. Which was why it was a little rusty and its spiritual energy was suppressed. Hence, it had been thrown aside like a piece of scrap metal.

    However, though both these crippled spirit weapons may be a little old as well, they still looked pretty good on the outside. Besides, with their bubbling spiritual energy, anyone could tell that those were no ordinary weapons.

    Xia Zixi frowned and looked at the two elders floating in the air. The color then drained from his face. As the Young Master of the Xia Family, he certainly knew the power in the two weapons. This time, there may not be an easy way out...

    Ling Yun stared at Tianqiong mockingly, "I'll give you another chance. Sever your contract with this woman and serve my Lady! This way, not only will you escape with your life, our Master will award you with a crippled spirit weapon as well! A strong and powerful spiritual beast like you without a proper weapon to show off... I'm sure your skill in battle has been greatly diminished."

    Tianqiong laughed as his beautiful eyes filled with ridicule. He curled his lips and stared at Ling Yun before asking in a commanding voice, "So, you're using two pieces of scrap metal to entice me into serving a good-for-nothing? My apologies, I wouldn't want them even if you have given them to me."

    In addition to Ling Yun, the expression of every member of the Weapon Refining Sect changed immediately.

    "What did you say? Not only have you belittled our crippled spirit weapons, you've even insulted our Lady!" Ling Yun was thoroughly enraged, "If you continue to follow a person like her, you'll never receive a crippled spirit weapon in this lifetime! You dare to say that our Lady is a good-for-nothing, then what about Gu Ruoyun? So what if she is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall? She's only been lucky enough to find a few pills. If those pills were in my Lady's hands, she would have become the leader of this mainland in four years."
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