Chapter 350: Gu Ruoyuns Fury (6)

    Chapter 350: Gu Ruoyun's Fury (6)

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    A cold light flashed across Tianqiong's eyes and he laughed in spite of his anger, "You and your Lady are pretty compatible. One's a shameless old man, the other's a hypocritical and vile woman! Tsk tsk, it would be an insult to your thick skin if you both do not end up as husband and wife."

    Pu chi!

    The crowd could not help but laugh when they heard this.

    So the Azure Dragon was saying that the Lady of the Weapon Refining Sect and this old man look compatible? Just one look at that woman's face and you could tell that she was absolutely furious. She couldn't hide it at all. Her originally beautiful and gentle features were now covered with a layer of frost and if she were not conscious about maintaining her image, she would probably be screaming bloody murder by now.

    "You *ss, you're looking for death!"

    Ling Yun completely lost it. He charges towards Tianqiong in a flash but Tianqiong's face remained unchanged. His handsome features carried a mocking smile.

    "Go to hell!!!"

    Ling Yun's eyes have now turned red, his rage will never be satisfied unless he kills this dragon!

    "Ling Yun, stop!"

    Wu Shan's expression changed as he thought, that idiot Ling Yun, so easily angered, this is going to be bad...

    But Wu Shan's words were of no use, Ling Yun did not hear him at all. All he knew was that he needed to claim the dragon's life with his blade! So he kept charging forward...

    Then, he noticed the smile on Tianqiong's face as he slowly opened his mouth...

    Both men were now very close to one another, so close that Ling Yun could feel Tianqiong's formidable power!


    The dragon's roar rang throughout heaven and earth.

    Ling Yun's expression froze as an azure light flashed and shot towards his body.

    Poor Ling Yun had tasted another onslaught of the mighty dragon's flames!

    He was further away during the previous attack so he did not sustain any heavy injuries.

    Unfortunately, this time he was almost face-to-face with Tianqiong. The attack hit him head-on and he fell...crashing hard onto the ground.

    Hong long!

    A great chasm (deeper than the earlier one) appeared on the ground. Ling Yun lay inside with his body twitching like a dead dog.

    Tianqiong slowly moved his line of sight to Wu Shan and smiled, "And what about you? Do you want me to have a taste of your scrap metal?"

    Hearing this, Wu Shan's face turned gloomy.

    That useless Ling Yun, he thought, if he'd controlled his anger, we could have taken the dragon down. Instead, he sent himself straight into the arms of death. Even with the help of the crippled spirit weapon, I cannot defeat him alone!

    Wu Shan began to contemplate and decided that no matter what, they can't allow these people to walk out of here alive today. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare for the Weapon Refining Sect.

    Wu Shan was not like Ling Yun. He did not believe that Gu Ruoyun had reached this stage simply by relying on her luck. Perhaps her powers were not like her Ladyship but one should remember that her Ladyship had grown to her current level from a very young age. She was also older than Gu Ruoyun by a few years.

    Gu Ruoyun was only a good-for-nothing level 2 in the Qi Collection Ranks four years ago. In four short years, she has reached the ranks of a Martial King. What level of genius was she?

    Sparing her would be like nurturing a tiger and inviting calamity! She would certainly destroy the Weapon Refining Sect single-handedly in the future.

    Seeing as they have already formed a deep grudge in her, they must cut out the weeds and eliminate the roots to prevent a future disaster!


    Just then, the silent Shiyun spoke sheepishly, she turned her head at Gu Ruoyun and smiled, "Lady Gu, I've heard that your powers have grown formidable over the years. Perhaps you would be willing to fight me? If you lose, all your spiritual beasts will belong to the Weapon Refining Sect. What do you say?"
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