Chapter 352: The Fight (2)

    Chapter 352: The Fight (2)

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    "Lady Gu."

    Xia Zixi wrinkled his brows as he asked worriedly, "This battle, are you certain of the outcome?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled, "Can I say that I'm not? However, I must win this for Yu'er's sake and mine!"

    She and Shiyun were long due for a fight, it was almost as if it had been determined by fate. She must face this today no matter what. Otherwise, she would never be able to become powerful cultivator!

    Just as Xia Zixi was about to reply, he heard an elderly voice from behind him.

    "Xi'er, let's wait and see."


    Xia Zixi turned his head in astonishment to find Master Xia's elderly face, "Your body..."

    "Cough, cough," Master Xia smiled weakly, "I'm much better now. Xi'er, this little girl possesses something that no one else has - willpower! To be more precise, it is the kind of willpower with a strong passion. She is destined to walk a path that no ordinary person can take."


    Xia Zixi stared blankly at the young girl, "I only know that Lady Gu has the power to calm a person's worries, it's the kind of power that allows anyone to feel as if nothing bad could happen as long as she was around. Father, I do not know how Yu'er and Lady Gu are connected and neither do I know when they were acquainted. But I have a feeling that Lady Gu's reasons for coming to the Xia Family home and for saving my life were for Yu'er's sake."

    Yu'er was certainly very fortunate to have met her...

    Gu Ruoyun stepped forward lightly, a calm light shone upon her delicate features.


    Shiyun suddenly walked towards her and fully displayed the coercion from her body. Upon feeling the infinite pressure, everyone's faces changed. They cried out in amazement.

    "A Martial Emperor? How could this be? Shiyun was so young, how could she have reached the ranks of Martial Emperor so quickly?"

    Shiyun should be around twenty years of age yet she has already become a Martial Emperor. If news of such a gift were to get out, even the Three Great Authorities of the mainland would be shocked!

    In this entire mainland, besides the late Gu Tian, they've only ever heard of a mysterious disciple of the Honorable Sir Tian Qi who had such a gift! Now Shiyun had turned out to have this level of ability.

    Even Master Xia's face turned gloomy, he knew that Shiyun was powerfully gifted but he had only expected for her to have broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial King. Instead, she had unexpectedly become a Martial Emperor.

    It's no wonder that the elderly Wu Shan and Ling Yun would listen to her commands.

    Leng Yanfeng glanced at Gu Ruoyun and said, "Gu Ruoyun, you've seen junior sister Shiyun's power for yourself. It's still not too late for you if you wish to surrender."

    "Surrender?" Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. Her serene gaze remained on the young woman in white before her. She curled her lips into a smile, "I, Gu Ruoyun, would never lower my head to anyone. If it's a fight she wants, then I shall accompany her until the end!"

    Leng Yanfeng felt complicated upon seeing the young girl's calm and collected manner. The helpless and weak young girl from before has certainly changed over the course of four years...

    She has become so strong, so dazzling... thought Leng Yanfeng. Sadly, regardless of how outstanding she has become, she shall meet her end today! It's her fault for provoking junior sister Shiyun.

    "Draw your weapon."

    Shiyun raised her eyebrows and smiled, her tone of voice remained gentle as if she felt no anger towards her opponent's provocation. Her expression glowed with a gentle light, "Lady Gu, I've long waited for our battle for I've known of your attitude since a long time ago. No matter how powerful I am, you have refused to concede. As such, let us now end our grudge."
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