Chapter 355: The Fight (5)

    Chapter 355: The Fight (5)

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    "But she had accepted Shiyun's challenge! Honestly, no one can be sure if she will be victorious or not, not even herself! If she were to succeed, she would still have a long journey ahead. If she were to lose, then I'm afraid that this little girl will be destroyed and this incident will cast her into a deep pit forever. Hence, be it whether she is truly a genius or a good-for-nothing, it all depends on this very battle."

    However, he was anticipating many more surprises from this young girl...

    Tianqiong hovered in the skies as his commanding gaze stared coldly at the humans before him. He did not care about the agreements made before the battle. Once his Master was in danger, he would break the rules and willingly endure the spittle of ten thousand people. He would never allow any harm to come to his beloved Master.


    In the courtyard.

    Shiyun clutched the sword in her hand. Her originally gentle and beautiful face was now covered with a layer of frost. Her alluring eyes stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun.

    She had been forced to retreat! In front of the eyes of the crowd, a Martial King had made her retreat!

    This was hard for her deeply egotistical self to bear.

    "Lady Gu," Shiyun smiled, "It was a little slippery so I accidentally stumbled. Now the real fight will begin, I hope you're prepared to endure the attacks."


    Just as she spoke, the Weapon Refining Sect suddenly exploded into a lively debate.

    "Mother of... What did the Xia Family do? They'd put too much wax on the floor? I actually thought that woman had forced her Ladyship to retreat."

    "Haha, how could this be? She's only a merchant of the secular world. How could she be compared to the Lady of the Weapon Refining Sect? Our Lady was a true genius and the savior of many heroes on the mainland. What does she have? Tsk tsk, look at the blood trickling down her wrist. I reckon she has been crippled by our Lady."

    Everyone was filled with ridicule and disdain. In their eyes, Gu Ruoyun could never defeat Shiyun!

    Both sides were much too far apart; one was merely a Martial King and the other was a Martial Emperor. There was no suspense in this battle...

    "Lady Gu, I wonder if you can endure my next move!"

    Shiyun recomposed the chill in her eyes and smiled calmly. Then, without another word, she quickly launched another attack. She was so fast it was like a swift wind had come and gone in a flash. The attack was so quick that the crowd had only been able to make out the quick flash of a white figure...

    But then, everyone saw something totally unbelievable...


    The loud roar of a dragon rang from Gu Ruoyun's longsword and the entire courtyard trembled.

    Next, the pale dragon, who had initially been lying quietly within the longsword, emerged in a flash of light. His large body was like a great mountain and charged towards Shiyun...

    "This... This was a legendary sword spirit? No! Impossible, a low-class spiritual weapon could not possibly contain a weapon spirit! Only a high-class spiritual weapon would contain a weapon spirit! Heavens, her spiritual weapon was actually from a higher class! Didn't her Ladyship claim that she had stolen the Master's weapon?" cried one Weapon Refining Sect protector in shock. Everyone turned their gaze towards Shiyun as if they were waiting for an explanation...

    Shiyun's face changed. Besides the difference in power between a middle-class and low-class spiritual weapon, everything else was pretty much the same! But she did not expect that Gu Ruoyun's spiritual weapon to turn out to be from a higher class!

    If the news of this high-class spiritual weapon were to get out, even the Three Great Authorities will be shaken!
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