Chapter 356: The Fight (6)

    Chapter 356: The Fight (6)

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    "Didn't you say that this spiritual weapon had belonged to your Weapon Refining Sect?" Noticing the look on Shiyun's face, Xia Zixi smirked, "Only, I get the feeling that you've never really seen your own father's weapon, Lady Shiyun. To simply claim that any random spiritual weapon was stolen property belonging to the Weapon Refining Sect, tsk tsk. If that's the case, you should have just said that every treasure in the mainland belonged to your Weapon Refining Sect."

    Anyone could hear the obvious disdain in Xia Zixi's tone. They began to look differently at Shiyun, even the disciples of the Weapon Refining Sect looked a little doubtful.


    Leng Yanfeng scoffed, his cold face was filled with arrogance, "The many weapons in the world are not very much different from one another. The fact that junior sister Shiyun had made a mistake gives little room for criticism. You have no cause to latch onto this matter. Knowing junior sister Shiyun's personality, it was beneath your dignity to shift the blame onto her."

    Shiyun remained silent. The more she looked at Gu Ruoyun, the colder her gaze became, it now carried a murderous intent that she could not conceal.

    If her initial goal in killing her was because of Qianbei Ye, now, simply based on the fact that this woman had humiliated her, she must die!

    That's right, Shiyun put all of the blame on Gu Ruoyun. Had she shown the true power of the high-class spiritual weapon earlier on, she would not have been humiliated in front of all these people...

    A cold smile appeared on Shiyun's gentle and beautiful face at the thought of this, "Lady Gu, now, allow me to understand the power of this high-class spiritual weapon."


    A strong, crushing aura that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas erupted, so strong that people found it hard to breathe. Shiyun glided forward slowly and gracefully. A cold light flashed on the double-edged silver sword in her hand.

    "Look out, Lady Gu!"

    Xia Zixi's chest tightened and before he could finish speaking, he saw Shiyun's figure turn into a mirage. It was so quick that it was soon impossible to track her movements...

    All they could see was a white figure which was constantly moving.

    Gu Ruoyun's face was now full of intense concentration as her cold eyes watched the figure surround her.

    Then, she finally made her move...


    A loud dragon's roar rang from inside the longsword and a white light charged fiercely towards one of the mirages. Just as the white pale dragon was about to slam against the mirage, it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you have no father nor a mother. Allow me to teach you some manners in your parents' place."

    All of a sudden, a cold voice sounded from above Gu Ruoyun's head. Just as she raised her head, she saw a silver double-edged sword piercing towards her from above. The silver light from the sword shot towards Gu Ruoyun's head. Everyone could feel a thick, clear murderous intent.

    She was too fast and Gu Ruoyun was unable to dodge the attack in time. She could only raise her longsword in one quick move, resulting in a loud crash. The strong aura from both blades erupted and destroyed all the trees in the surrounding area, not an inch of land had been spared.

    Gu Ruoyun had stumbled quite a distance back and left a deep gorge on the ground. A strong bitterness filled her throat and in the end, she forced herself to swallow the fresh blood that was rushing to spill out from her mouth. Her lips curled into a calm smile.

    "A Martial Emperor, yet that's all you can do?"

    Shiyun's eyes were clouded with gloom, she did not think that Gu Ruoyun would be able to withstand her attack. Even with the help of the high-class spirit weapon, her ability to defend against her attack was also related to her innate power.

    If I do not get rid of this girl today, thought Shiyun, a great misfortune will befall us all one day.
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