Chapter 358: The Fight (8)

    Chapter 358: The Fight (8)

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    The young girl stood tall with her sleeves flapping in the violent wind. When she spoke, her voice was calm and did not tremble but everyone could hear the ferocity in her tone.

    Then, she stepped forward.

    She gripped her longsword and the white pale dragon seemed to move. A cruel light shone in his sharp cold eyes. Just as Gu Ruoyun pierced upwards into the sky, a strong hurricane tore through the ground and destroyed the front walls.

    "Gu Ruoyun, since you insist on resisting, don't blame me for being rude."

    Shiyun's body flashed like the wind and reached Gu Ruoyun in a split second. Then, everyone witnessed an unforgettable scene...

    Under the violent storm, Shiyun's sword was aimed fiercely at Gu Ruoyun. Her face had completely lost its initial gentleness, her beautiful features were completely cold.

    Kill her! She thought. Once she's dead, Qianbei Ye will return to my side!

    Shiyun no longer cared about hiding her strong hatred and an infinite amount of murderous intent erupted into every direction, clouding the entire Xia Family courtyard with smoke and dispute.


    Peng, peng, peng!

    Dust flew everywhere, blurring out Gu Ruoyun's emotionless expression. She raised her sword to defend herself, blocking her opponent's increasingly violent attacks.

    "Lady Gu!"

    Xia Zixi felt a tight grip on his heart and his gaze filled with anxiety. If this were to continue, it would be disastrous for Lady Gu.

    But no matter how strong the attacks were, Gu Ruoyun never faltered. The corners of her lips were fixed into a sneer as she stared disdainfully at Shiyun who was gradually appearing less capable than she desired to be.

    One should know that every attack by a cultivator would deplete her spiritual strength. Once your spiritual strength has been drained, you will be slaughtered!

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun was waiting. Waiting for the moment when Shiyun could no longer hold on...

    "What's Lady Shiyun doing? Why doesn't she just finish her off?"

    "That's right, even if this woman does have a special spiritual weapon, Lady Shiyun was a Martial Emperor. The difference in power should suppress her greatly so why was she wasting time and toying with this woman?"

    The members of the Weapon Refining Sect stared at Shiyun in confusion. They simply could not understand it... Why can't she just finish her off?

    Of course, no one knew that Shiyun was bitterly suffering in silence.

    She did not know what this woman had done but she simply could not kill her. If she does not land the killing blow soon, Shiyun will be utterly humiliated!

    Her noble and virtuous self could not bear this thought.

    Viciousness gripped Shiyun's heart and she stumbled violently back before gathering a strong force from within her. It was powerful enough to destroy everything in sight.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I wanted to give you a chance to confess your mistakes so I did not deliver your killing blow. Since you insist on persisting wilfully, then I have no choice but to eliminate this public threat!"

    Even at a time like this, Shiyun was still adamant on saving her pride. She refused to let anyone know that she has not been able to kill this woman.

    This time, she was going to throw caution to the wind and gather all her power from within. With this blow, Gu Ruoyun would surely be killed!

    This was the only way for her to recover her prestige.
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