Chapter 359: The Fight (9)

    Chapter 359: The Fight (9)

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    The skies suddenly turned dark as a storm started to form. Shiyun stood beneath the grey skies, her endless power had turned into a formidable hurricane, attacking with loud rumbles. She charged towards Gu Ruoyun, leaving no room for resistance and slammed into her body, sending it flying a few meters away.


    Gu Ruoyun slammed into a wall and fell limply onto the ground. Blood spilled out from her mouth, staining the ground before her.

    "Haha, I told you so. How could it be possible that her Ladyship would be unable to defeat a Martial King? She was merely being merciful and wanted to give Gu Ruoyun a chance. Who would have guessed that she did not value it and thoroughly angered her Ladyship instead."

    The disciples of the Weapon Refining Sect laughed, Lady Shiyun was a strong heroine in their hearts. No one in the younger generation could defeat Lady Shiyun.

    Now look, Gu Ruoyun, who was considered a genius by all in the mainland, has she not been defeated our Lady Shiyun?

    But soon, the disciples' laughter suddenly became stuck in their throats. Their expressions stiffened.

    "So, that's all a dignified Martial Emperor can do."

    The young girl's voice was soft but everyone heard it distinctively...

    The disciples stared at the young girl as she crawled up from the floor. Their faces were twisted in an ugly expression as they cried out in shock, "How... How was this possible? She's only an insignificant Martial King, after being hit by such a strong attack from Lady Shiyun, how could she not be dead? Was this fellow an immortal cockroach?"

    The young girl's clothes looked poor and shabby under the violent winds. Her face was covered in a layer of dust and she looked like a particularly pathetic figure.

    "She didn't die, she's actually not dead. Impossible, how was she still alive?"

    Shiyun was shaken at the sight of this. She screamed and her ugly expression was particularly terrifying as she stared dead-on at Gu Ruoyun, "Why are you not dead? Why?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled as she slowly walked towards Shiyun. A dragon's roar rang from her longsword amidst the screaming winds, shaking the hearts of everyone present.

    "Where is Yu'er!"

    The young girl's clear and cold voice slowly entered Shiyun's consciousness, causing her to regain her composure. She sneered, then used her soul to speak, "Gu Ruoyun, I've told you. Xia Linyu is now in the hands of our Weapon Refining Sect. If you have no qualms about allowing me to kill you in front of everyone else, I'll let him go. Otherwise, I will have his heart and lungs dug out from his body, and whip his corpse for a hundred days!"


    Gu Ruoyun stepped savagely onto Shiyun's body and stared at her emotionlessly, "You think that you have the right to discuss conditions with me? Give Yu'er back to me or I wouldn't mind giving you a taste of having your heart and lungs dug out from your body."

    She then drew her sword and pointed the sharp end of the blade at Shiyun's chest before asking coldly, "Talk, where is Yu'er?"



    Elder Wu Shan was exploding with rage, the aura in his entire body began to stir but he did not dare make his move in front of the Azure Dragon. He could only star gloomily at Gu Ruoyun's cold exterior.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you could not defeat my Lady by force so you depleted her spiritual power on purpose. How could this be considered a skill?"

    Gu Ruoyun glanced calmly at him, "I stood still and allowed her to kill me, yet that wasn't good enough? She could not kill me so that proves that her powers were lacking."
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