Chapter 360: The Fight (10)

    Chapter 360: The Fight (10)

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    Gu Ruoyun had not retaliated from the very beginning, allowing Shiyun to kill her. But Shiyun's powers were far too weak and was unable to land the killing blow yet he was still blaming it on Gu Ruoyun?

    Soon, every powerful force in Heaven City was staring at the Weapon Refining Sect with disdain. They've seen shamelessness before but not to this degree. Lady Gu may have used a technique to deplete her opponent's energy in battle but was it really her fault that Shiyun was incapable of killing her?

    "You..." Elder Wu Shan suppressed his fiery rage and replied her coldly, "Gu Ruoyun, you should know the position of the Weapon Refining Sect in the mainland, especially the preference we receive from the Three Great Authorities. If you kill our Lady, the Three Great Authorities will never let you off lightly!"

    Gu Ruoyun laughed coldly and drove her foot further into Shiyun's body. The sound of ribs breaking could be heard.

    "The Weapon Refining Sect had acted against the Xia Family first. If the Three Great Authorities were unable to differentiate between right and wrong, then they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!"

    Just then, a loud laugh rang from the heavens, "Haha, little girl, you're certainly like a newborn calf unafraid of the tiger. I'm afraid only you would be so bold as to accuse our Three Great Authorities of being hypocrites."

    Shua, shua, shua!

    Several elderly figures appeared from the sky with a flash and Master Xia, who had remained calm and collected from the beginning, suddenly lost his composure. His voice trembled as he said, "It's the people from the Immortal Realm!"

    The borderlands of the Three Great Authorities were divided into three great powers: the Immortal Realm, the Courts of Hell and the Spirit Sect. However, between the three powers, only the Immortal Realm seemed to particularly enjoy meddling in other people's business. Sometimes, they really did not differentiate between right and wrong.

    "That's right. We are from the Immortal Realm."

    A white-robed elder smiled kindly as his gaze swept through the crowd, landing on Gu Ruoyun. He spoke warmly, "Little girl, on account of the Immortal Realm, could you let the Weapon Refining Sect go? As the saying goes, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Why not requite evil with good? I believe that your opponent will be very grateful towards your decision."

    Gu Ruoyun's expression was growing colder by the second but she did not remove her leg. She stared at the white-robed elder emotionlessly, "I, Gu Ruoyun, have never recognized the meaning of having to requite evil with good. I will only requite injury with more injury. If you're asking me to let them off, then wouldn't Master Xia's suffering had been in vain? And Xia Linyu would have fallen off a cliff for nothing? Even now, it was still unclear whether he lives or not!"

    The white-robed elder wrinkled his brows and glanced at Master Xia. He retained his warm manner of speaking.

    "Even if the Weapon Refining Sect was in the wrong, those who have been injured were already injured and those who were lost will remain lost. Little girl, what's the point in holding on to this matter and refusing to let it go? The Weapon Refining Sect have a large role to play in the wars on this mainland and Lady Shiyun is a rare genius. If you were to kill them, you will become a criminal on this mainland and your name will go down in history for infamy. Are you sure you want to do this?"

    Gu Ruoyun flashed him a smile filled with mockery and disdain.

    But most of all it was filled with determination.

    "What do the matters of the mainland have to do with me? I only protect those who matter to me. The livelihood of anyone else has nothing to do with me. Furthermore, if the loss of one Weapon Refining Sect would collapse the mainland, then the number of incompetent people in this mainland were far too many! Your Three Great Authorities is also useless! I don't care who comes here today, Shiyun must die!"
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