Chapter 362: Surprisingly, Its Him (2)

    Chapter 362: Surprisingly, It's Him (2)

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    "Gu Shengxiao, it's you! So you've secretly left the Spirit Sect and have arrived in this place! Were you not afraid of the change in the structure of the Spirit Sect should those people know of your absence? You should know that there are many who are eyeing your position."

    The man's back shook, his black robes fluttered lightly under the strong winds and a complicated expression flashed across his stern face.

    "Gu Shengxiao? Big brother?"

    Gu Ruoyun was in a daze and stared at the man before her in astonishment.

    So this man who had once helped her was her elder brother whom she's yet to meet?

    The man placed his hand on his black mask and slowly pulled it off. He gently turned around and his grim features softened upon seeing the young girl behind him. However, most of his expression was filled with shame.

    "Xiao Yun, I'm so sorry. I could not show myself to you because no one must know of my absence from the Spirit Sect."


    Gu Ruoyun felt as if her brain had been blown to bits. She stared blankly at the handsome face in front of her and memories of that face slowly emerged...

    She may not be the previous Gu Ruoyun but she still retained all of her memories.

    Hence, in her memories, this man would always look grim and stern in front of everyone else. Only when he was with her would he display a warm smile and every time she was bullied, he would protect her. He worked hard in his cultivation and entered the Spirit Sect all for the sake of achieving enough power to protect her.

    And in return, she had quietly endured her suffering after having grown up in order to not cause any trouble for her big brother...

    No wonder, no wonder she had felt such a reassurance in his presence, no wonder he would come to her aid whenever she was in danger. This was because he was Gu Shengxiao, her older brother, whom she had relied on for life.

    "Gu Shengxiao, how could it be him?"

    Leng Yanfeng's face changed greatly as he tightly clenched his fist, "Furthermore, it would seem that he's also at the level of a Martial Emperor, and...even stronger than junior sister Shiyun."

    Years ago, thought Leng Yanfeng, this man was only slightly stronger than me. How had he progressed to such a degree in just a few short years? Moreover, based upon the Immortal Realm elder's words, he seemed to have entered the Spirit Sect and now holds a prestigious position in it.


    I won't accept this!

    Last time, the Weapon Refining Sect had chosen me because he had rejected them. That's why they turned their attention to me! But why are our differences so vast now and how can I bear this?

    "Xiao Yun, leave this to me. Don't worry."

    Then, Gu Shengxiao turned towards the people of the Immortal Realm. Compared with his earlier gentleness towards Gu Ruoyun, his eyes were now like ice and his features were devoid of emotion, "The people of the Immortal Realm are certainly awe-inspiring. So many of you, making things difficult for a girl of over ten years of age."


    The white-robed elder let out a low laugh, "Gu Shengxiao, does your Spirit Sect plan on becoming great sinners of the mainland? This little girl was poisonous, selfish, and cold-hearted. She has caused harm to so many people for her own selfish reasons. The Immortal Realm shall rid the lands of this disaster in place of the heavens."

    Gu Shengxiao's eyes grew colder by the second, the lines on his handsome turned distinct and his thin lips curled into a chilling angle. He looked like a merciless, murderous god and was so cold that hearts were shaken.

    "Seeing as the people of the Immortal Realm are so unreasonable, I have nothing more to say! However, if anyone from the Immortal Realm wishes to harm her, you'll have to do it over my dead body!"
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