Chapter 363: Qianbei Ye Arrives (1)

    Chapter 363: Qianbei Ye Arrives (1)

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    He did not care about righteousness or wickedness, neither was he concerned with the dignity of the men before him. All he knew was that the young girl behind him was a person who he must protect with all his might. If he couldn't even protect his own sister, then was the use of his abilities?

    Gu Ruoyun stared at the man's broad back and a warm current rushed through her heart.

    This was her big brother, her big brother who would protect her, no matter what would happen.

    However, this has completely changed the way Master Xia and everyone else looked at her. No wonder she dared to look down upon the people from the Immortal Realm, she had the support of the Spirit Sect. Furthermore, based on the situation, it would seem that this man holds a pretty high position in the Spirit Sect.


    The white-robed elder laughed coldly and his initially kindly face was now filled with murderous intent. He spoke curtly, "Gu Shengxiao, on account of the fact that you are a disciple of the Spirit Sect, I have no wish to hurt you. Yet you are determined to shield this demon woman who would commit any imaginable misdeed. Since that's the case, then I shall have to teach you a lesson in the place of the Spirit Sect. I'm certain that the old fart from the Spirit Sect would not say a word about this."

    As he spoke, the people who had been standing behind the white-robed elder made their move and surrounded Gu Shengxiao.

    The fight was about to begin.

    Gu Shengxiao frowned, his cold gaze swept across the old faces in front of him as a sharp light flashed across his eyes.

    "The people of the Immortal Realm certainly enjoy using their strength in numbers. However, while everyone else was frightened of you, I, Gu Shengxiao, have never feared anyone from the Immortal Realm."

    "Haha, good! I hope you can still say these words when we're done with you."

    The white-robed elder laughed in spite of his anger and a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

    Gu Shengxiao was indeed a genius. In fact, his gifts have drawn the envy of the people of the Immortal Realm! Many a time, they have even thought of infiltrating the Spirit Sect and destroying him. Otherwise, if he were to continue to progress, he would certainly become a threat to the Immortal Realm.

    Do not assume that relations between the Immortal Realm and the Spirit Sect are truly harmonious. This was only on the surface. This was because they had been on the same level in power but ever since Gu Shengxiao had entered the Spirit Sect, nothing had remained the same. Yet the old man of the Spirit Sect had protected Gu Shengxiao too well, so well that they had absolutely no opportunity.

    But who would have guessed that Gu Shengxiao had secretly left the Spirit Sect? And the person in the Spirit Sect was actually his body decoy? It was he who provided the Immortal Realm with this opportunity and they had a concrete reason for killing him now!

    After all, would the Spirit Sect revolt for the sake one dead man?

    The murderous intent within the white-robed elder thickened at the thought of this. He sneered, "All of you, get him. Capture this young man who has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities and teach him some manners while you're at it!"


    Everyone attacked instantly, several Martial Emperors pressed their coercion towards Gu Shengxiao. Even if Gu Shengxiao was more powerful now, he did not seem to look too good under the coercion of so many Martial Emperors. But he refused to show it, his handsome face remained grim and he gripped the sword in his hand, pursing his lips and raised his sharp eyebrows.

    Hua, hua, hua!

    The sharp end of each elder's sword flashed from all angles. They swung at Gu Shengxiao together, as if driving him to his grave.

    "These people of the Immortal Realm are so damned shameless. That leader, the white-robed elder was already a high-level Martial Emperor. Not only were they bullying someone of a younger generation and bullying the weak, they're using power play in numbers. This was simply too shameless!"

    Master Xia stomped his foot angrily as he stared uneasily at the battle.
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