Chapter 364: Qianbei Ye Arrives (2)

    Chapter 364: Qianbei Ye Arrives (2)

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    In the sky, the Azure Dragon roared loudly before charging down from above, joining the battle. However, even with his intervention, they were still badly outnumbered. Surrounded by so many people, Gu Shengxiao would not be able to hold on for very much longer.

    "Yun'er, I can hold them off for now, go now!"


    Staring at the man's tall and determined figure, Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly. She was the cause behind this matter, how could she allow her big brother to foot the bill? She could not leave.

    "Big brother, I won't leave. I won't let you face this danger alone. I'm the daughter of Gu Tian. Father's very name once shook the mainland. As his daughter, how can I retreat? Even if I were to leave, I must take Shiyun with me. Obviously, the Immortal Realm will not allow me to take her away."

    One was her little brother from her past life, with whom she was mutually dependent for life. The other was her big brother in her present life, who would protect her with his life. They were both extremely important to her, how could she abandon them?

    "Go! Yun'er, hurry up and leave! You are my one and only sister, consider it my plea to you. Go!"

    Gu Shengxiao blocked an attack with his sword and cried out to the young girl without even turning his head.

    The white-robed elder overheard Gu Shengxiao's words and his expression sunk, "Trying to get away? It won't be that east! No one is allowed to leave today!"


    Once he had finished speaking, the white-robed elder shot towards Gu Ruoyun like a bolt of lightning, aiming his green longsword at her shoulder. Gu Ruoyun was now extremely weak from enduring Shiyun's countless attacks, she had no strength to dodge the attack...

    Pu chi!

    The sound of a sword piercing through a human's body was absolutely striking, like a drop of water sharply rousing Gu Ruoyun's heart.

    The man's black robes looked as mysterious as the night sky. His large hand gripped the elder's green sword tightly and fresh blood began to trickle from the palm of his hand onto the ground, dyeing the surface in red.

    The sharp edge of the sword pierced deep into the man's chest, soaking his clothes with blood. But, since the beginning, the man did not even grimace. He only gripped the blade tightly with his large hands and forcefully pulled it out of him. Fresh blood spurted from his wound and Gu Shengxiao clutched his chest tightly. But he remained steadfast, he did not stumble, not even a single step.

    "Go, all of you, take her and go. Leave immediately!"

    His voice was muffled and hoarse again but no one could blame the urgency in his manner.

    But just as he spoke, he was pulled back into battle again...

    "Yan, kill them all! Kill every single person from the Immortal Realm!"

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze fell upon Gu Shengxiao's wound as her eyes stared coldly at Gu Shengxiao's attackers. In that moment, the murderous intent in her heart thickened with a raging fire.


    Just as she spoke, a little red animal appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun. It had one red eye and one green eye, giving off an indescribably strange appearance.

    However, that little thing did not make a move. It pouted as it watched both sides who were locked in battle with contempt.

    He may have agreed to her contract but he never intended to fight for her. Furthermore, this woman had used that phoenix to force him into it and now that phoenix has entered into a deep slumber. Why should he fear her?

    She wants me to help her in a fight? Impossible!

    "Yan, did you not hear what I said? I want you to kill every member of the Immortal Realm!" Gu Ruoyun suppressed her anger and glared coldly at the little fellow who was yawning as it lay on the ground.
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