Chapter 365: Qianbei Ye Arrives (3)

    Chapter 365: Qianbei Ye Arrives (3)

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    Yan laughed mockingly and thought: if you want me to help you, you'll have to beg me. She merely a low, petty human, why should I help her?

    Especially since this human was only a tiny little Martial King. She may have been lucky enough to make a dragon surrender to her but this mere quality does not change my hatred towards humans!

    Long ago, it was because of those cunning, despicable humans that my kind was now extinct. Only I have managed to survive through sheer luck.

    I hate all humans! Except for that person, I agreed to the contract in order to save my own life. That doesn't mean that I would have to serve her wholeheartedly.

    "Yan, you're really not going to help?" Gu Ruoyun stared straight at Yan as fury erupted from her cold, clear gaze. "Great, just great! You are certainly very powerful, but I do not accept anyone who is of no help to me. Since that's the case, once this has been settled, I'll grant you your freedom. But don't you regret it!"

    Yan didn't know why but as he saw the way Gu Ruoyun looked at him, he felt a sense of panic. But once he thought of everything that humans have done to him in the past, his heart would turn vicious again. He turned away and did not look at Gu Ruoyun again.


    Just then, the Azure Dragon turned around and saw Gu Ruoyun holding a stone in her hand before she swallowed it without any warning. His heart shook and a wave of panic suddenly erupted from within. He yelled, "Don't do it, Master, you cannot eat that. You'll explode!"

    The holy spirit stone was a crystal formed from in depths of holy spirit water, its properties were extremely effective. Even a Martial Emperor could easily explode and die upon consuming a stone.

    It hurts! She thought. In that instant, Gu Ruoyun felt great power overflowing in her body. It charged fiercely through her entire system as if it was trying to burst through every channel...

    She did not know what she looked like now but she could imagine her utterly terrifying state. In a time like this, the noise of the world outside seemed to disappear. Even the loud roar of the Azure Dragon felt more the sound of a mosquito or a fly, buzzing by her ear...

    Yan was stunned, he stared at Gu Ruoyun in a daze.

    This woman couldn't possibly be ignorant of the immense power of the holy spirit stone, so why would she use it all for the sake of increasing her power and saving that man?

    Suddenly, Yan remembered the incident on Heaven Mountain where she had completely disregarded her own safety in order to protect her subordinate. This was no different. Based on his impression, humans have always been selfish, cunning and sinister. They would willingly murder their own siblings for the sake of power. He has never met a human who would willingly give up her life for others.

    Even the person who had saved all the spirit beasts in the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range years ago had wanted to unify all the races and present them as a gift to a woman. He certainly did not do it out of pity.

    Could it be that I've been wrong all these years?

    This was the first time that Yan doubted his principles, which he had always considered to be 100% precise. It was because of these principles that he had ended up slaughtering many humans without a twinge of guilt because those hateful humans deserved to die!


    Gu Shengxiao quickly turned around upon hearing the Azure Dragon's cry and nearly fumbled his sword in shock. Without a second thought, he charged towards the young girl and held her tightly in his arms.

    "Yun'er, what happened to you? Don't scare me like that, wake up, Yun'er!!!"

    He held the young girl, his flesh and blood, tightly in his arms, trying desperately to awaken her. However, the young girl's eyes remained firmly closed, her eyebrows were pinched in pain as if she did not hear the man's urgent voice...
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