Chapter 366: Qianbei Ye Arrives (4)

    Chapter 366: Qianbei Ye Arrives (4)

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    He watched as the young girl's skin slowly began to split open. Gu Shengxiao held her even tighter, terrified that if he should let go, the person in his arms would be torn into pieces.

    "Yun'er, please don't scare me. If you leave, what should I do? Even if I were to become the number one cultivator in the world, what use would it be without you? Once, many people detested you and abandoned you, but you are my entire world. If you disappear, how can I live on?"

    "Yun'er, if you die, I swear, that I will annihilate the Immortal Realm. I don't care if I destroy the entire mainland in the process! If you don't want me to commit this great sin, I beg of you, wake up, please?"

    As he spoke, Gu Shengxiao's voice was solemn and filled with a desire to kill. But upon the final part of his speech, his voice trembled and was filled with fear.

    He was terrified, terrified of losing his only sister. She has long been his world all these years. How will he live if his world was destroyed?

    Just as Gu Shengxiao held Gu Ruoyun tightly in his arms, a powerful aura appeared from the sky. Suddenly, he felt an empty space between his embrace and the girl was snatched away from his arms...

    In that instant, a strong murderous intent burst from Gu Shengxiao's gaze. But just as he was about to act, a cold, eerie, and bloodthirsty voice sounded from in front of him. The voice had a kind of somber quality that sounded as if its owner came from the very gates of hell.

    "Who! Who did this to her?"

    A head full of silvery hair danced wildly in the violent winds. The man's robes were as red as blood and his blood-red eyes were like those of an otherworldly demon. No doubt about it, this man was extremely beautiful but to what degree? Even the phrase "a beauty that could cause the downfall of cities" would not be enough to describe his beauty.

    His cold, thin, red lips curled into an angle, ready for a bloodbath. His arms held the young girl tightly in his embrace as a strong, fiery rage and murderous intent burned deep from within his heartache.

    "So... Sovereign King?"

    Yan stared blankly from the moment the man had appeared, widening his eyes in disbelief as he fixed his gaze upon the incomparably beautiful man's face, "That face... There's no mistake, it must be him! Even though his hair has turned silver, but he's indeed the Sovereign King. Only he would have a face that could collapse the nations and no one else would have such a powerful aura!"

    Years ago, he had met the Sovereign King once but ever since his disappearance from the race of spiritual beasts, no one knew where he was. However, one look was enough for anyone to remember the Sovereign King's face.

    Why does the Sovereign King recognize this woman? He wondered. It was said that the Sovereign King had subdued the entire race of spiritual beasts for the sake of presenting them as a gift to someone. Could it be that the person, was this human? This... How was this possible, this happened so many years ago and this little girl was only nineteen!

    Yan's expression changed, then changed again. If this woman were to truly die from an explosion because of my mistakes, then I...I might seriously offend the Sovereign King and would become a criminal among the spiritual beasts...

    This time, he regretted his decision! He regretted that he did not step in to help! From the time of his birth to this very day, he has never felt so much regret...

    "Qianbei Ye! He's here..."

    Shiyun's face grew extremely pale as her eyes stared hurtfully at Qianbei Ye who was holding Gu Ruoyun in his embrace. Her heart throbbed in pain, it was the kind of pain that felt as if death would be better than life.

    Of all the saddest things in the world, nothing could surpass the pain she felt as she watched her beloved protecting another woman yet completely ignored her own heavy injuries... He did not even look at her.
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