Chapter 367: Qianbei Yes Fury (1)

    Chapter 367: Qianbei Ye's Fury (1)

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    "Cough, cough!"

    The man was just about to attack. Just as everyone was beginning to make guesses at the man's identity, a cough was heard and the young girl who was lying in the man's arms suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Her face was now covered with fresh blood, it was a particularly terrifying sight.


    Gu Shengxiao's face changed. But just as he tried to step forward, the silver-haired man in blood-red clothes sent him a deadly glare. He then lowered his head and kissed the young girl's blood-stained lips...

    This time, Gu Shengxiao was thoroughly enraged. This man had dared to act so frivolously to his baby sister in front of him! He doesn't care if that man had shown up to save Yun'er but taking advance of a person in danger was unforgivable!

    Master Xia and everyone else stared blankly before quickly looked away. Master Xia let out a dry cough and looked thoroughly embarrassed.

    Young people these days, he thought. Their public morals were degenerating with each passing day, they can't even restrain themselves for a moment longer. But this man was extremely powerful, it would seem that my grandson doesn't even stand a chance now...

    However, as everyone went into a complete shock at the sight of Qianbei Ye's actions, no one had noticed that when he had kissed her, her aura, which had been going berserk, slowly began to stabilize as if an explosion had been averted and a warm energy swam into her system...

    "You bastard, let her go!"

    Gu Shengxiao's heart burned with fury and his black eyes grew colder by the second. Just as he was about to teach the bastard a lesson for molesting his little sister, a loud bang was heard and a strong energy erupted from the young girl's body. The sheer force of it all shook the ground...

    "A mid-level Martial King? Heavens, had she just suddenly broken through to a mid-level Martial King?"

    Everyone was dumbstruck and they stared at her bloodied face in disbelief, especially Master Xia who knew Gu Ruoyun very well. He knew that this girl had only just broken through to Martial King not too long ago.

    And yet, she has had a breakthrough again in just a few short months? Even Shiyun of the Weapon Refining Sect would not have such a talent.

    But that wasn't the end of it...

    Just as Gu Ruoyun's aura reached the peak of a mid-level Martial King, it suddenly broke through the threshold and entered into a high-level Martial King, continuing its ascent. However, the power difference between a Martial Emperor and a Martial King was not merely a hop and a skip away. So as it approached the doorway to a Martial Emperor, it stopped.

    Even so, everyone had been rendered speechless.

    "A low-level Martial King who had gone straight up to one level higher in one go? Furthermore, she had only been one step away from breaking through to become a Martial Emperor! This must be a dream! I'm guessing that she must have used some secret method to temporarily raise her power?"

    "No! I can feel it, it's not a temporary increase, she has indeed reached a breakthrough to become a Martial Emperor. Besides, even though she had only just broken through, her condition is stable."

    Master Xia shook his head with his eyes fixed upon Gu Ruoyun.

    If I'm right, it was because of that thing that she had consumed. It had allowed her to break through to two levels immediately. Should anyone find out about that treasure in her hands, there would be a great upheaval in the mainland.

    Countless miracle pills, spiritual beasts that anyone would want to tame, a high-class spirit weapon that one could only yearn for in their dreams, and... A white stone that allows a low-level Martial King to break through to a higher level...

    Tsk tsk, even with all the treasures in the mainland combined, they would not be worth half of the treasures in her hands.

    Just then, the young girl in Qianbei Ye's arms opened her eyes...
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