Chapter 369: Qianbei Yes Fury (3)

    Chapter 369: Qianbei Ye's Fury (3)

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    "If to become a demon was the only way for me to protect her, then I shall be a demon! If I kill you and become the enemy of the mainland, then I...shall be the enemy of the mainland!"

    Yan stared excitedly at the enraged man in blood-red robes. At this moment, he saw the powerful god-like person that the man used to be.

    He had appeared so valiantly at that time and murdered all the humans who were trying to kill the spiritual beasts. He then made all the spiritual beasts swear, in that cold, blood-thirsty voice, that they would only ever be loyal to one person in their entire lives!

    Unfortunately, in the end, the spiritual beasts never had a chance to meet the woman he had spoken of...

    "You... You dare!"

    The white-robed elder finally had a taste of fear and he could not help but stumble a few steps back. He gritted his teeth as he spoke, "I'm an elder of the Immortal Realm and will be of great value when war arrives in the mainland. Furthermore, the Immortal Realm has helped many people. Do you truly want to be labeled as a criminal? For the safe of one woman, you would have your name go down in history in infamy. Was that worth it? My lord, with your powers, many women will be lining up to throw themselves into your arms. Furthermore, I can promise you this, if you were to join the Immortal Realm, you shall become the second-in-command to the Master of the Immortal Realm. With such power in your grasp, which woman would refuse you?"


    Suddenly, a powerful aura came rushing in from the front. Before the white-robed elder could react, he was violently thrown away. A blood-red wind flashed past and the man's voice, filled with murderous intent, rang in his ears.

    "The Immortal Realm? Even if your Master were to arrive, I would kill him too! Make no mistake about that! Everyone else shall be slaughtered down to the ninth generation!"


    The man's palm landed on the white-robed elder's head. The elder immediately felt a strong power seeping into his body. No matter what he did, he could not stop it.


    Just as the white-robed elder was beginning to panic, the bottleneck that had long inhibited him shattered and without any warning, he broke through to the rank of a Martial Honor. As he felt the power of a Martial Honor, the elder's fear quickly turned into delight and he could not help but laugh.

    But the power that had entered his body did not stop there...

    Low-level Martial Honor, mid-level Martial Honor, high-level Martial Honor...

    Not even the Master of the Immortal Realm had reached the rank of a high-level Martial Honor, now he was truly the number one cultivator in the mainland!

    "Haha, I've broken through, I'm now a high-level Martial Honor! I'm number one in the mainland, this mainland will now belong to me, hahaha!"

    Laughing maniacally, the white-robed elder did not notice the growing cruelty in Qianbei Ye's eyes...

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head and sighed. In the journey of cultivation, one should never be too greedy. Her leap from a low-level Martial King to a high-level Martial King was taken at a great risk, what more for a high-level Martial Emperor to jump to the rank of a high-level Martial Honor?

    But the elder was completely giddy with glee and thoroughly forgot about his current circumstances...

    Of course, needless to say, soon the wild joy in the white-robed elder's eyes suddenly changed and return to their original look of horror.

    "No! No more! I am powerful enough. I don't want this. Stop. Stop this right now!!!"

    The white-robed elder struggled in terror but Qianbei Ye had no intentions in lifting his hand. Infinite power flowed into the white-robed elder's body as if it were all free of charge. Then, it was as if his elderly body was overeating after having a full meal, he slowly began to expand.

    "Stop, please stop this now!!!"

    Feeling his own body expanding more and more, the white-robed elder screamed in panic. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was drained of color. Terror filled his elderly face.
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