Chapter 371: Getting Even (1)

    Chapter 371: Getting Even (1)

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    Gu Shengxiao stared at the young girl in green robes before him, his was gaze filled with a mix of complicated emotions. Long ago, he had joined the Spirit Sect in order to gather enough power to ensure her safety. But now, she has grown so strong that she no longer needed his protection...

    Gu Shengxiao felt a wave of gratitude at the thought but he also felt a sense of loss. However, his original aspirations did not change. Since his little sister was now strong enough to take care of herself, he must also grow stronger. Then he will be able to shelter her for the rest of her life...

    "Gu Ruoyun, we are from the Immortal Realm. Do you really want to make an enemy of the entire mainland?"

    They yelled in panic as they watched the young girl, dressed in green, who was approaching them.

    "The Immortal Realm?" Gu Ruoyun smiled, looking as calm as a fresh breeze. However, at the time, everyone could feel the vigorous signs of a murderous intent from her being, "I'm sure you all know that when it comes to my temperament, threatening me was of no use! Furthermore, what have I done wrong? It was the Weapon Refining Sect who had first raised their hand to harm Yu'er. Do they not deserve death? Yet you hypocrites from the Immortal Realm do not know the difference between right and wrong. You've butted into matters which do not concern you. Not only have you asked me to return evil with good, you've even wounded my older brother. Unfortunately, I, Gu Ruoyun, am not the kind of person who repays evil with good. I only know that one grudge shall be repaid tenfold! Anyone who dares harm the people close to me, I will never rest until she was dead!!!"

    'I will never rest until she was dead'. Even the Martial Emperors of the Immortal Realm felt their hearts tremble when she spoke these words.

    All these years, they've heard tales of how the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall handles her affairs. Be it the Ling family or the Gu Family, both have died by her hand! Even an imperial concubine who had intended to deal with her but ended up injuring her subordinate instead. Gu Ruoyun had immediately brought the entire cavalry from the Hundred Herb Hall and her two strong spiritual beasts to murder the imperial family, causing a transition in between dynasties. All of this had been for the sake of a female subordinate...

    "Gu Ruoyun!" Leng Yanfeng was extremely furious, his already cold features turned even icier, "You're truly a vicious woman! You don't even have half of junior sister Shiyun's kindness yet you act with such arrogance. Someday, you will face retribution!"


    Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced. She lightly raised her gaze. Upon widening her eyes, an uninhibitedly haughty air flashed across her clear and cold eyes, "If there should be retribution, then it shall be on your heads! What about the innocence of the Xia Family? What about Yu'er's innocence? And those who gave up their spiritual force for the sake of Shiyun's quest for power, what about their innocence? Your Weapon Refining Sect speak of compassion, duty, propriety, and integrity but which of you had actually carried out these virtues? You were merely a generation of shameless people angling for fame. Besides, if I go to hell for killing you all, then...I might as well go to hell."

    Qianbei Ye had remained silent from the beginning. His red eyes never left the young girl in green and a seductive smile played upon his lips. His silvery hair tangled in the wind, his robes were red and demonic except he did not have any trace of his earlier gloominess and viciousness. His devastatingly beautiful face was filled with gentle lines., his red eyes only beheld one person in this entire world...

    If she wishes to enter hell then I see no harm in following her, thought Qianbei Ye. I will kill anyone who dares to harm her! All of hell shall know that no one was to touch a single hair on her head!

    The people of the Immortal Realm looked at one another. They knew that no matter what they said, Gu Ruoyun would not let them go. So everyone immediately drew their weapons and charged towards her...
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