Chapter 372: Getting Even (2)

    Chapter 372: Getting Even (2)

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    "Demon woman, for the life us all, we will not allow for a person like you to harm this earth!"


    Just as they finished speaking, they saw Gu Ruoyun slowly turn her head. Her eyes were clear and cold, as calm as still waters. It made their hearts weaken and nearly caused the group to fall from the sky.


    Suddenly, the young girl raised her sword and a dragon roared loudly from the blade. A white pale dragon's shadow then charged out of the sword before opening its mouth and swallowing the nearest Martial Emperor!

    One should know that based on Gu Ruoyun's powers as a low-level Martial King earlier on, she had been able to withstand the low-level Martial Emperor Shiyun's attacks. Now she was a high-level Martial King. Hence, the white pale dragon was now able to swallow a Martial Emperor in one bite.

    Upon witnessing the scene, the people of the Immortal Realm, who were initially under the impression that both sides would suffer equally, quickly paused in their steps. They looked at each other as one word appeared in their minds.


    After seeing what had happened to the Martial Emperor, the rest no longer cared about fighting Gu Ruoyun. They turned on their heels and ran.

    In the beginning, they had intended to seize the opportunity to capture Gu Ruoyun and use her as a hostage when Qianbei Ye was not looking. They certainly did not expect the little girl to have such a strong weapon in her hands. And unless they were mistaken, that weapon was a legendary high-class spiritual weapon.

    In most situations, they would definitely have concocted some sort of virtuous justification to casually claim the high-class spiritual weapon as their own.

    But now, they no longer had such thoughts. All they knew was that they needed to escape back to the Immortal Realm and call for reinforcements to deal with these people.

    "Yun'er, don't let them get away!"

    Gu Shengxiao's facial expression changed as he hurriedly cried out, "If you let them escape to the Immortal Realm, other strong cultivators from the Immortal Realm will definitely return with full force. Knowing the Immortal Realm's style in handling affairs, they would never let go of any enemy with unlimited potential!"

    This was the way of the Immortal Realm!

    They always appeared righteous on the outside but would constantly conduct shamefully shady business behind the scenes!

    "Azure Dragon!"

    A light flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes as she coldly ordered, "Stop them."


    Tianqiong had long felt uncomfortable. Upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's command, he let out a loud roar and changed back into his original form. His large body enveloped the entire Xia Family courtyard and he stared commandingly down at the crowd.

    "My Master has spoken, none of you shall leave!"

    In his entire life, the Azure Dragon had always hated such hypocritical disciples. He was previously restraining himself out of fear of the white-robed elder's powers. Now that he was dead, there was nothing more to fear.

    Of course, if so many Martial Emperors were to attack at once, it would be extremely hard for the Azure Dragon to deal with them all. But now, all they could think of was escape. No one was in the right frame of mind to fight with him so they easily fell into a disadvatage.

    "Those who meddle in other people's business must pay the price."

    Gu Ruoyun lightly raised her head. She gazed at the crowd of people who were backing away from the Azure Dragon's attack, "Azure Dragon, I want you to make them pay for the pain they've caused my older brother tenfold! I want them hacked into pieces so that they will die without a full corpse! For every scar they leave on my older brother's body, I want to leave a hundred scars on their own."

    Following the sound of the young girl's voice, the people of the Immortal Realm could no longer go on, "Gu Ruoyun, if you want to kill us, just do it. Why must you torture us? We, of the Immortal Realm, have never done anything wrong. You're the one in the wrong. Your heart was like that of a demon, if you continue to kill your elders, sooner or later someone will come along to destroy you. Hahaha!"
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