Chapter 373: Getting Even (3)

    Chapter 373: Getting Even (3)

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    With the flash of a blade, the elder who had been making a fuss had his entire arm cut off. He cried out in pain and his bloodshot eyes glared at Gu Ruoyun.

    At this very moment, the elders of the Immortal Realm who were widely admired by the world could no longer maintain their outstanding immortal-like behavior. Their bodies were battered and exhausted and resembled more like beggars who had crawled out of a nest of beggars...

    "Haha! Gu Ruoyun, if you want to torture us, we won't let you."

    Suddenly, a loud laugh was heard and everyone saw an elder in white robes swelling like a balloon. His eyes widened and his face turned sinister. It was a terrible sight to behold.

    Soon, the rest followed suit. Their bodies inflated like balloons as if they would explode with one stab.

    "Self explosion, they're going to make themselves explode!"

    Master Xia rose from the ground as his expression changed greatly, "There are over ten Martial Emperors! If they were to all explode here they will destroy Heaven City, this is a catastrophe!"

    The self-induced explosion of one Martial Emperor would be enough to turn the surroundings of over a thousand miles into a barren land. And now, with over ten Martial Emperors, how strong of an explosion would this be? Even he, Master Xia, would sustain grave injuries from such an explosion. What more the ones with a lower level of power than he?

    "Junior sister Shiyun, watch out!"

    Leng Yanfeng's face contorted and he charged quickly towards Shiyun, pulling the woman on the ground tightly into his embrace.

    Shiyun's pupils contracted and stared with an appalled look at the elders whose bodies were continuing to expand like balloons. Her face turned white, then green. Like a madwoman, she suddenly raised her leg and kicked Leng Yangfeng before yelling fiercely, "You useless thing, aren't you going to stop this? Stop them! I don't want to die! I've yet to become the number one cultivator in the world, I have not gotten Qianbei Ye, I don't want to die here!"


    Leng Yangfeng fell to the ground with one kick and stared blankly back at the insane-looking woman. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

    Wasn't this the calm and collected fairy-like junior sister Shiyun? Wasn't she a gentle and kind person who had pulled him out from the abyss? Her current behavior was like a whole other person compared to how she was before...

    Staring at the woman, whose looks were full of loathing, Leng Yanfeng's heart throbbed in pain. In the most dangerous of times, all he could think of was protecting her safety but she...had kicked him aside.

    His heart has never felt as cold as this...

    Leng Yanfeng fiercely bit his thin, white lips with great pain in his eyes. However, in that instant, a refreshing and light voice was heard. It was calm without a hint of fluctuation...

    "You want to make yourselves explode? That... Would depend on whether you have the chance to do so."

    The young girl's slight smile was cold and austere with her lips curled at a disapproving angle.

    "Haha! Gu Ruoyun, we won't let you kill us so easily!"

    The people of the Immortal Realm laughed as their bodies continued to inflate even more. It was such a terrifying sight that everyone suddenly turned pale and some were nearly on the verge of tears...


    A sound like a fart suddenly tore through the tense atmosphere.

    Master Xia stared blankly before laughing out loud, "What's this? Thunderous talk but no action? Scaring us with the sound of a fart? Were you trying to make yourselves explode or is there too much gas in your body and you need to let it out?"

    Even the people of the Immortal Realm did not know what was going on. They stared at one another with pale white faces. They had planned on exploding but why did it feel as if something was suppressing them form doing so? Their bodies were still inflated but they could not continue nor could they deflate themselves.
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