Chapter 375: Getting Even (5)

    Chapter 375: Getting Even (5)

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    The young girl's voice was refreshing and calm but it brought ten thousand waves into Shiyun's heart. Gu Ruoyun did not bother to wait for her to speak and instead drove her foot deeper into Shiyun's ribs. Her face turned white from the pain. Her head was drenched in cold sweat as her eyes glared furiously at Gu Ruoyun.

    "I'm not interested in hearing too many words," Gu Ruoyun looked calmly at Shiyun, "Talk, where is Yu'er!"

    "I..." Shiyun fiercely gritted her teeth. Her face was completely drained of color, turning as white as a sheet, "I don't know!"

    "What did you say?"

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes turned cold as her foot drove deeper into Shiyun's chest, "You don't know?"

    "I really don't know," Shiyun clenched her fist as she took a deep breath. Finally, she spoke with great difficulty, "I saw how much he meant to you so... So I wanted to use him to threaten you. Xia Linyu was not with us..."

    Gu Ruoyun did not speak. Her clear, and dark eyes coldly observed the woman underneath her foot. After a long pause, she slowly began to speak, "Even if he's not with you, you were to blame for his fall from the cliff. Hence, I will not let a single one of you off today!"

    "Gu Ruoyun, I've told you everything you wished to know. Why do you not honor your words?"

    So what if she was the Lady of the Weapon Refining Sect? So what she was a talented girl? Who would not fear death? She threw off her image and screamed in panic.

    "You dare say that I don't honor my words? Apologies, I never said that I would let you all go!"

    Gu Ruoyun's gaze swept past Shiyun's face and slowly scanned the other members of the Weapon Refining Sect. Her lips curled into a smile. It was a cold smile, so cold that they all wished to find someplace to hide.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I was the one responsible for wounding Xia Linyu. If you want to kill, kill me instead. This has nothing to do with junior sister Shiyun!"

    Leng Yanfeng has already emerged from Shiyun's cold disregard of him. His determined face showed no fear of death as he fixed his gaze on Gu Ruoyun with no hint of dread.

    So what if junior sister Shiyun broke my heart? I've loved this woman for so many years, he thought, the only reason why she would behave in this way was that she had been forced to do so by this damned slut, Gu Ruoyun. If it were not for her, junior sister Shiyun would still be that same gentle and kind woman...

    "Hahaha! Gu Ruoyun, you want to kill me? That also depends on whether you have the ability!"

    Shiyun's face changed greatly before she laughed wildly. She spoke with a sinister voice, "There was a trump card that I would never willingly use. Even when you've treated me with such humiliation, I did not use it. But after humiliating me, you now want to kill me? I, Shiyun, shall remember this hatred and when the time comes, I'll return this with thanks."

    As she laughed, her hair loosened and tangled in the wind. Suddenly, a strong power erupted from her body, forcing Gu Ruoyun to stumble a few steps back.

    A black fog slowly emerged from her body. The fog seemed to contain a human figure. The figure then seemed to speak in a low, sinister and eerie voice.

    "Useless thing!"

    His voice was very soft, almost like an auditory hallucination. Only Gu Ruoyun could hear it clearly and discern that there was an unknown entity inside the black fog.

    Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun felt an extremely uncomfortable feeling from the deep recesses of her heart. She also felt an irrational need to destroy the figure, as if the shadow was an old enemy...

    Just then, a thick and cold aura emerged from Gu Ruoyun's side. She stared blankly and turned around to see a terrified look on Qianbei Ye's incomparably beautiful face - it's an expression that she's never seen on his face before...
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