Chapter 377: Getting Even (7)

    Chapter 377: Getting Even (7)

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    When he had finished speaking, his face turned grave and cold. His eyes pieced sharply as he spoke, "The powers of Heaven City, hear my command. Slaughter all members of the Weapon Refining Sect then follow me to the Weapon Refining Sect's headquarters to collect our debt!"

    The citizens of Heaven City have suffered much oppression over the past few days. Now, they can all finally feel exuberant and everyone began to exclaim loudly.

    "Merely one Weapon Refining Sect, so what if they are powerful and strong, they shouldn't have abused the people," one exclaimed.

    "And that vengeful old fart who was chased out of the Xia Family Home, he actually allied with them to devour Heaven City. This shall not be forgiven, I am willing and waiting to follow you, Master Xia, and cleanse this fore-tooth!" Said another.

    The sound of the crowd's high spirits rang throughout the entire Xia Family home and burned with the flames of fighting spirit. Among them were many daring men. After witnessing the hypocrisy of the Weapon Refining Sect, how could one continue to tolerate it?

    "I can see that no one has any objections, then follow me to the Weapon Refining Sect!"

    Master Xia's voice was cold and sharp, it rang throughout every corner of the Xia Family courtyard.

    In a corner, not too far away, a sinister gaze stared fixedly at Gu Ruoyun.

    It's this woman, again! He thought. Why was this woman so meddlesome? If it weren't for her, these Xia Family members would already be dead!

    No! If this were to go on, then Xia Family will soon fall to the head of that brother of mine. This is something that I won't stand for, no matter what. It's of urgent priority for me to get rid of this woman first.

    Once she was dead, then Xia Family will have peace.


    Luo Li stood in the crowd and was staring unmovingly at Gu Ruoyun.

    In that moment, her adorable doll-like face had lost its initial vitality, all that was left was lifelessness.

    After a great length of thought, she finally approached Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun felt her presence and turned around. Her cold, clear eyes fell upon the young girl's tender doll-like face.

    "Was there something on your mind?"

    "I..." Luo Li bit her lip and raised her fair gaze, staring determinedly at Gu Ruoyun, "May I follow you?"


    Luo Fiao's face changed and he turned to Gu Ruoyun apologetically, "Lady Gu, my daughter doesn't know any better. I hope you don't mind, Lady Gu."

    Luo Li seemed to have not heard her own father's words as she lowered her head and bit her lip. Her face was filled with an unshakeable resolve.

    "I want to follow you, will you let me follow you?"


    Luo Fiao grew frantic. He, who has never scolded his own daughter, spoke stiffly, "Li'er, you are not allowed to act willfully and make a scene. Lady Gu is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, and a strong high-level Martial King. There are many people already by her side. Don't you go looking for trouble."

    Hearing Luo Fiao's words, Gu Ruoyun's was as calm as usual but an unknown emotion glazed her black pupils. She slowly opened her mouth, "Give me one reason to accept you as my disciple."

    The tender, blushing young girl raised her head again. At this moment, the sunlight was overflowing onto her fair cheeks.

    "Because I want to grow stronger!"

    Her only reason was to grow stronger!

    If I were strong enough, Brother Yu would not have fallen into danger for the sake of saving me, she thought. If I were strong enough, I would not become anyone's burden! No matter where Brother Yu is now, I can only find him when I grow stronger.

    And I will always believe that the young man in my heart was still alive! Perhaps the next time we meet, he would have become even more powerful...
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