Chapter 378: Getting Even (8)

    Chapter 378: Getting Even (8)

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    Gu Ruoyun stared intently at the resolve on the young girl's face. Time seemed to pass by for a very long time but she didn't respond. Luo Li could not help but feel nervous.

    Of course, she already has so many strong cultivators by her side, she thought, and I'm so weak, how could she possibly accept me as her follower?

    Just as Luo Li's heart was about to stop, Gu Ruoyun finally spoke.

    "When I leave this place, you can come along."

    Wh... What?

    Luo Li went blank for a moment as she staring back in shock at Gu Ruoyun. She could not believe her ears, she never imagined that Gu Ruoyun would accept her.

    Everyone else felt confused as well as Luo Li's gifts were average at best. Her powers weren't considered strong so why would she be willing to allow her to come along?

    "I know that you're all feeling puzzled. However, all the people by my side are not considered as geniuses. There's nothing to fear about a person with no talent, but a person with willpower is far more terrifying! The look in her eyes has shaken me greatly. I accept her not because she is someone who Yu'er wants to protect but because... She can be a strong cultivator! To have such strong willpower and resolve, I believe that even if she has no talent, sooner or later, she will become a master whose very name will shake the mainland!"

    That's right. It doesn't matter if one does not have talent. As long as that person has the willpower, they will soon succeed.

    And she, who has yet to realize that such things were hidden beneath her surface, was truly terrifying!

    In that moment, everyone understood why she had been able to achieve so many great things at such a young age. It was because when she was building her power, she'd never placed talent on the forefront of choice. All that she had required was whether a person has the determination to grow strong or not.

    Gu Shengxiao stared gently at Gu Ruoyun as his face carried a heartwarming smile. He knew that no matter what his little sister wants to do nothing could go wrong!

    "Thank you."

    Luo Li was choking with emotion, "I won't disappoint you, I will work hard and cultivate to become a truly strong cultivator!"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and did not reply Luo Li. Her line of sight turned towards a figure in a corner who was leaving the scene. A cold light flashed in her eyes.

    It would seem that it's about time to collect this debt... thought Gu Ruoyun.


    During this time, many things happened on the mainland.

    The first thing was the strange disappearance of a few elders of the Immortal Realm. At the same time, the Lady of the Weapon Refining Sect and a few Martial Emperors has also disappeared. Soon after, gossip appeared in the small alleys about Lady Shiyun of the Immortal Realm who had plotted against the missing elders of the Immortal Realm, wanting to steal their treasures. Initially, many people could not believe that the gentle and warm Lady Shiyun could do such a thing.

    However, the Xia Family of Heaven City, the disciple of the Spirit Sect, Gu Shengxiao, and the Master of the Dark Yin Palace, Zuo Shangchen all stepped forward as witnesses to verify the matter. With the testimony from all three sides, it was hard for even the common folk to remain in disbelief.

    Hence, the Xia Family of Heaven City stormed the Weapon Refining Sect in the name of claiming vengeance for the elders of the Immortal Realm. However, when they arrived in the Weapon Refining Sect, the Sect Master was nowhere to be found. Heaven City did not spare the ones left behind.

    The once powerful Weapon Refining Sect was destroyed in an instant, causing a wave of panic on the mainland.

    Meanwhile, deep within a dark cave, a mournful voice rang aloud from the inside, filled with rage and murderous intent.

    "Gu Ruoyun, just you wait. One day I, Shiyun, will unleash my vengeance upon you. When that time comes, you will have a fate worse than death. I will make sure of it!!!!!"

    I hate her! She thought. I hate that woman who was responsible for my ruin! If it weren't for her, I would still be the dignified Lady of the Weapon Refining Sect. How could I have fallen so far?

    Shiyun, however, was currently unaware of the events surrounding the Weapon Refining Sect nor did she know of the false charges planted against her. Otherwise, she would have immediately rushed out to collect her debt.

    Unfortunately, she knew nothing...
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