Chapter 379: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (1)

    Chapter 379: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (1)

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    At this moment in the Xia Family home, Master Xia was seated on the Lord's throne. After so many days, the citizens of Heaven City can finally air their resentments! However, whenever he thought of the fact that there was still no news of Xia Linyu, his heart would sink.

    "You'll let me in!"

    At this moment, an angered voice rang from outside the meeting hall, causing Master Xia's expression to turn chilly. He scoffed coldly as he said, "Let him in."

    "Yes, Master."

    Just then, the meeting hall's door burst open and Xia Qi, dressed in embroidered robes, walked in. He glanced at the elders in the meeting hall then looked at Master Xia who sat on the highest seat. Finally, his gaze fell onto Gu Ruoyun who was seated next to Master Xia. His sinister eyes held an eerie and cold expression.

    "Gu Ruoyun, how much longer do you plan on lying to the world?!"

    Xia Qi's sudden accusation stunned the crowd. They stared at one another and could not seem to understand what he was talking about.

    "Xia Qi, what's the meaning of this?" Master Xia could not help but wrinkle his brows as his eyes stared coldly back at his son, "Give a clear explanation if you wish to speak."

    This time, Xia Qi had long discarded his mild manners and courteous attitude. His expression was entirely cold as he rebuked, "Father, did you not know that Gu Ruoyun was the culprit behind big brother's affliction? Otherwise, how was it that only she had been able to save him? And most importantly, there were many strong cultivators by her side so taming a parasite dragon would not be a difficult feat. Furthermore, why was it that the Weapon Refining Sect, of all times, would coincidentally appear not long after her arrival? Why did she make excuses to stay in Heaven Mountain just as the Weapon Refining Sect would arrive? Obviously, she's looking to free herself of suspicion and you allowed her to deceive you! You even made false accusations against the innocent Elder Zhao."

    As he spoke, Xia Qi's expression grew extremely indignant as if Gu Ruoyun had committed an unforgivably wicked crime.

    "What crime did Elder Zhao commit in going to the Imperial Palace of Black Tortoise Country to capture her? She was not even a citizen of Black Tortoise Country yet she has meddled in our affairs and even brought harm onto an imperial concubine. Instead, you took heed of idle chatter and chased Elder Zhao out of the Xia Family home! All of you then witnessed Elder Zhao meeting up with the members of the Weapon Refining Sect and have determined that he was responsible for bringing the Weapon Refining Sect to us. Why have you all not considered that this was all part of this woman's plan? Her ultimate goal was to obtain the Xia Family!"

    "Father, were you really going to shame our forebears and hand our family over to an outsider? Surely the Lord Divine Beast who stands behind the Xia Family will not allow such heinous acts."

    Xia Qi's face was full of disappointment as if he never expected for his own father to commit such traitorous acts against the Xia Family. However, no one had realized the cold smile in his heart...

    He understood that simply with his own strength, it would be impossible to kill Gu Ruoyun. Now, the only way was to destroy her relationship with the Xia Family. As long as she leaves the Xia Family home, he would have another chance to act!

    If the Xia Family were to fall into my hands, then the Lord Divine Beast who stands behind the family will have to listen to me, he thought gleefully. By then, killing this woman would not be a problem.

    Master Xia's expression changed greatly upon hearing Xia Qi's accusations. He knew that as long as Gu Ruoyun willed it, Ling Xiao will leave with her. Without Lord Ling Xiao, the Xia Family was nothing.

    "Xia Qi, if you continue spouting such drivel, you are no son of mine!"


    A malicious light flashed across Xia Qi's eyes but he quickly smiled again.
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