Chapter 380: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (2)

    Chapter 380: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (2)

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    "Lord father, when had you ever treated me as a son? Forget about how you've always preferred Xia Zixi since we were children, now you can't even differentiate between right and wrong. Respected elders, do you truly believe that a person could help a stranger with no wish for reciprocation? As far as I've known, the Xia Family has never had any connections with Gu Ruoyun. Why was she now working so hard for the Xia Family? The reason is simple."

    After a pause, Xia Qi sneered, "That's because she has grand schemes for the Xia Family. Furthermore, I've long heard news of the growing power of the Hundred Herb Hall. It's natural that she would take a fancy to the Xia Family."

    Xia Qi's words were like heavy weights that smashed fiercely into the elders' hearts.

    Master Xia's face was ashen.

    He was so enraged that he could not speak. But what he couldn't understand was how Xia Qi had known of the Divine Beast that stood behind the Xia Family and had revealed everything so publicly.

    "Father, if you insist on shielding her, then you would have betrayed the Xia Family. You won't be able to bear the consequences."

    Xia Qi stared at Master Xia's furious old face as his voice slowly grew deeper, becoming cold and sinister. In that instant, he had completely thrown away his warm exterior and his considerably handsome face now shone with a cold light.

    Gu Ruoyun's lips curled lightly as she watched the ruckus unfold. She sipped her tea contentedly and the smile on her face was inscrutable.

    Just then, a cold and eerie voice interrupted the scene. The sound of it fell upon the ears of the crowd and caused their hearts to tremble.

    "Hehe, this honored one has arrived for a visit but why has no one from the Xia Family come to escort me?"

    The low voice was filled with a calm chill and gave off an utterly horrifying feeling. However, upon hearing the voice, Master Xia's face thoroughly changed. His eyes stared sharply at the elderly man who was descending from the void and gritted his teeth, "The Poison Master! Why is he here?"

    Master Xia had clearly heard him referring to himself as 'the honored one'.

    On the mainland, only one type of person would have the right use this honorific.

    He was a Martial Honor!

    Master Xia took a deep breath at the thought of this. He never forgot that it was the Poison Master's parasite dragon which had nearly killed his precious son.

    "It's him?"

    Xia Qi was astonished as he stared dumbfoundedly at the wrinkled old face. He felt a fierce grip clench around his heart.

    Even though it has already been more than ten years, he could still recognize the man who gave him poisons for self -protection out of gratitude for saving his life.

    Why has he appeared here?

    Involuntarily, Xia Qi turned towards Gu Ruoyun before laughing mockingly at himself.

    How could this be?

    Indeed, she was extremely gifted. But the Poison Master has now become a Martial Honor. No matter how powerful she was, how could she have the ability to invite a Martial Honor, who could act as an overlord in the mainland, to the Xia Family home?

    Master Xia regained his composure and asked, "May I ask what business does the Honorable Poison Master have here today?"

    As the saying goes, one doesn't visit a temple without a cause. He believed that the Honorable Poison Master's visit was no simple courtesy call.


    The Honorable Poison Master let out a low, simpering laugh. His voice was deep and hoarse, it was particularly uncomfortable to listen to.

    "Today, this honored one has arrived to fulfill a promise I've once made."

    Just as he finished speaking, he directed his gaze straight towards Gu Ruoyun and his extremely wrinkled face broke into a smile. The smile was not obvious and looked quite forced but he had definitely cracked a smile.
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