Chapter 382: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (4)

    Chapter 382: Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home (4)

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    The Honorable Poison Master scoffed coldly, "You accuse this honorable one of scheming with the Gu girl to take over the Xia Family? Do you think I'd need it? If the Gu girl likes the Xia Family, this honorable one shall take it. Who can stop me? I shall consider it a favor to her!"

    It's true. With the Honorable Poison Master's powers, taking the Xia Family would be a simple job. All he needed to do was take it. Why would he need to resort to schemes?


    Xia Qi laughed loudly, "Even now, you're still trying to spread lies! Was it not because of your fear of the Divine Beast behind our Xia Family that you dare not personally make your move? Was that not why you did this? So it would seem that the dignified Honorable Poison Master was nothing but a local ruffian."


    The Honorable Poison Master's expression sank. He raised his hand and flung it clearly across towards Xia Qi. His strength was not like Master Xia, who was a Martial Emperor. With one slap, Xia Qi's teeth flew out and his entire mouth became filled with blood.

    "Merely a little b*stard. If your Xia Family truly has a Divine Beast, why not bring it out here and show me! This honorable one shall kill you in front of it, what say you?"

    I, the Honorable Poison Master had always operated on my own, he thought. Even when I was only a Martial King, I still dared to pick quarrels with the Three Great Authorities. Now that I've broken through to Martial Honor, I fear no one.

    Master Xia, who was well versed with the Honorable Poison Master's background, shook his head. To use the Divine Beast to threaten the Honorable Poison Master, did he not know that the Honorable Poison Master had always been fearless, he will simply do as he wishes.

    Besides, I'm the Master of the Xia Family and Xia Qi was only my son. What made him think that he'd have the right to summon the Divine Beast?

    Most importantly, Lord Lingxiao and the Gu girl were acquainted with one another so it's improbable that he'd help Xia Qi.

    "Xia Qi, I'm extremely disappointed with you."

    Master Xia shook his head. He had known long ago that Xia Qi's heart was not in the right place. But he never imagined that he would even bring harm upon his own brother. How could such a person be even considered human?


    Suddenly, a loud roar rang out from beneath the Xia Family home. As if a light wave had spread from below, everyone above the ground could feel it tremble. No one knew what was going on and they couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. Only Xia Qi laughed maniacally.

    "Haha, did you all hear that? You've angered the Lord Divine Beast. It has finally flown into a rage. Gu Ruoyun, the Honorable Poison Master, are you not powerful? No matter how powerful you were, you won't escape death this time, hahaha! This is the price you will have to pay for provoking the Xia Family members!"

    Xia Qi's face twisted as he laughed. He glanced at the young girl's increasingly serious-looking face as his heart leaped joyfully.

    So, she is afraid! He thought. Of course, even with her Martial Emperor Azure Dragon, how could he compare with the Lord Divine Beast?

    "Little girl, do not worry. This honored one shall ensure your safety."

    Noticing the concern on the young girl's face, the Honorable Poison Master tried to console her.

    A while ago, when she had faced the fearsome white pale dragon, she showed no signs of nervousness. But now, she was displaying such anxiety on her face. The Honorable Poison Master could not understand this. From what he could tell, the spiritual beast beneath the Xia Family home was only a Martial Honor at most.

    "Master Xia, did you hear that?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her head and asked in a dignified manner.

    Master Xia was no longer in the mood to care about the matters concerning Xia Qi. He nodded his head with a serious look on his face, "Something's happened to Lord Lingxiao!"

    He had never heard Lord Lingxiao make such an agonizing sound, could it be that something has happened to him in the secret chamber?
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